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Wardrobe Wednesdays

Happy Hump Day, ladies! Well, we’ve made it to the half way point; just a few more days until the weekend! We’re loving all of the ways both bloggers and customer’s are wearing PinkBlush this week for maternity pictures, date nights and grabbing coffee with girlfriends. With so many fun styles, we couldn’t wait to show you all the different ways you can rock your favorite PB frocks this season! Hope this list gives you some wardrobe inspiration, and if you wear any PinkBlush this week, make sure to hashtag #PrettyInPinkBlush for your chance to win a $250 shopping spree! Xo.



Happy Medley wearing our PinkBlush Maternity Distressed Maternity Jeans



The Modern Tulip wearing our Mint Green Floral Chiffon Dress

2015-04-15 02.45.17 pm


Kristyn Cole looking brilliant in our Neon Yellow Embroidered Maxi Dress (women’s line)

2015-04-15 02.50.29 pm

Mrs. Julie O’Brien wearing our Grey Striped Lace Accent Dress

2015-04-15 02.52.54 pm


Afternoon Style sporting our Dark Navy Basic Maternity Jeans

2015-04-15 03.05.34 pm

Positively Oakes in our Black Fleece-lined Maternity Leggings & Tunic

2015-04-15 03.13.46 pm

Ashley Knichols in our Floral Printed Kimono

2015-04-15 03.21.41 pm


Living In Color Style rocking our White Rose Printed Maternity Dress

2015-04-15 03.24.12 pm


Living In Color Style looking amazing in our Mint Green Floral Print Chiffon Dress

2015-04-15 03.45.56 pmAmber Latta in our Mint Green Floral Maternity Chiffon Dress


For these and other PinkBlush Maternity outfits, visit PinkBlushMaternity.com


Baby Shower Shares, Spring Style

PinkBlush Baby Shower: Baby Blue Theme


It’s baby shower season! We here at PinkBlush love when our bloggers and customer’s share pictures of how they wore our PinkBlush items during their special day and in celebration of all of the amazing baby showers our customer’s have shared with us, we’ll be starting to share some of the pictures each week! This week we’re featuring Alia from Little Mrs Priss and her beautiful blue inspired baby shower for her baby boy!



Backyard baby showers can be an amazing way to get friends and family together in a relaxing environment, away from the hustle and bustle of busy restaurants or public parks. Not only is it inexpensive to host a backyard baby shower, but they can be a great way to set up a location just how you’d like, and be able to serve your own food and drinks without paying a fee!

One of our favorite ways to decorate is with the clothes pin idea, where anytime a guest gives the gift of baby clothes, they all get to be hung up for a cute extra backdrop! Burlap backdrop photos is also really popular right now, and can be a great way to share with guests all those pictures they may have been asking about, ranging from maternity photo shoot shots, to first ultrasound pictures.







With all of the pictures being taken at your baby shower, it’s worth while to look into finding the perfect outfit for your special day. You’ll want to make sure you take the weather into consideration, and beyond that, finding something that you look and feel beautiful yet comfortable in. In the world of social media, spending a few minutes planning what you’ll wear can be a great way to ensure you’re happy with any pictures you may get tagged in or want to share yourself!

Currently, many women are choosing to wear a style that reflects the gender of their baby or a pastel-inspired hue to their shower for some extra excitement about if it’s a boy or girl. We’re loving how Alia played on expecting a baby boy by wearing a mint dress, that not only looks beautiful but fits in with her theme as well.

Hello, delicious! Wondering what to serve guests that can be affordable, filling and fun? We’re obsessed with this waffle bar idea which lets guests add whatever toppings they’d like to this delicious food! With waffle makers costing as low as $19, it can be inexpensive to make your own mix for a yummy homemade treat, and if you can borrow one from a friend or relative, even better! Bonding over the bar area can be a great way for guests to interact and break the ice if they haven’t met one another yet.




Baby showers are all about celebration, and what better way to get people in a happy, joyous mood than with some baby shower games! We here at PinkBlush had a blast going through all of our customer favorites, from Baby Bingo to Not saying the Word ‘baby’ to guessing how many jelly beans are in the baby bottle. We’ll be providing our own free printables that you can use for your baby shower with our Top 10 baby shower games within the month, but meanwhile, here’s a fun free printable where you can print out your Thank You tags for any gifts you may be giving your guests, along with table name cards and a cute list to write down what everyone gifted you! You can download that here:

Baby Shower Free Printable

Make sure to share any pictures if you decide to use our printables or wear PinkBlush at your very own baby shower! We’ll be giving away a $250 PinkBlush shopping spree every month to someone who wears our items! Simply use the hashtag #PrettyInPinkBlush anytime you wear our items, or tag us on Instagram for your chance to be entered!

For this and other baby shower styles, visit PinkBlushMaternity.com

Spring Style

Springtime Transitional Styles



Congratulations, you found the perfect dresses to wear for your baby shower and maternity photo shoots! They are cute, figure-flattering AND affordable!?! Score! Even better? Did you know that many of our springtime staples are transitional? Some of our favorite fashion bloggers got together for a fun afternoon to showcase how our apparel can be worn both during and after pregnancy 🙂


Spring Style, What To Wear

Three Ways To Style Lace Dresses

2015-04-03 12.50.23 pmhow to style lace dresses

We here at PinkBlush Maternity are huge fans of anything lace, and this light pink lace maternity dress is no exception. It’s easy to find yourself purchasing a few of these dresses for your springtime wardrobe, as they’re incredibly versatile and adaptable for all occasions. With this pink lace belted maternity dress being an amazing springtime style staple, here are three simple ways you can dress up this fun frock for anything on your upcoming social calendar 🙂
_DSC7372-Edit _DSC7388-Edit _DSC7367-Edit
Dressed Up:
It’s great having a go-to outfit ready in your closet for any dress-up worthy occasions that may arise, and this lace dress is the perfect selection this season. Since lace looks fancy all on its own, it doesn’t require much work from the rest of the pieces. When paired with a nude cross-body and heels, you can keep it effortlessly chic! Adding a statement necklace can provide the perfect bit of glam while if you’re going for an extremely dressy look, you can always add a structured blazer or jacket as well!
_DSC7354-Edit _DSC7363-Edit _DSC7359-Edit
Dressed Down:
As much as it’s fun dressing up, many of us pregnant ladies are casual girls at heart. Lace dresses make the perfect daytime attire when paired with the right accessories. With a light cardigan, some fun sandals, and a go-to neutral handbag, you can build a perfect outfit for being out and about running errands or grabbing a tea with some girlfriends.
cropped 1 3 _DSC7420-Edit _DSC7423-Edit
Layering your look can always be a great idea as it can add dimension, texture, and of course warmth- when needed. A basic chambray is the perfect item to layer over a lace dress in the spring and it adds a bit of color! For some added texture, add your favorite faux leather wedges and you’ve got the perfect layered outfit for spring!
For this and other easily adaptable spring styles, claim your favorites at PinkBlushMaternity.com
Spring Style

Spring Style: Chic Crochet & Vibrant Colors


Spring is all about new beginnings, and your wardrobe should be no different. Introducing fun patterns and colors can be a great way to get into the seasonal style and show off your springtime glow! Whether out for a day with your girlfriends, running errands or perhaps even a date night, here are some of our favorite ways to work this season’s must have trends into your wardrobe!


Getting Creative With Bright Colors

After living in a wardrobe of neutral colors for the fall and winter, it’s time to break free and have fun with bright, vibrant hues. Show off your seasonal color by mixing in touches of spring tones like hot pink, navy blue and light mustard yellows with basics like blue jeans and white tank tops for a lightly-layered put together look.

Our favorites this season are letting the small details do the talking, such as statement jewelry, a scarf or a fun blazer or playful shoe but that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from shirts, outerwear or pants with vibrant prints by any means. Depending on how much you want to show off, feel free to pair a bright tops like the floral number worn by Sandy A La Mode with a more neutral or pastel outerwear like our pink sweater, or when it’s the outerwear providing the print, feel free to go more neutral with the undershirts, like how Dearest Lou and Fatima both paired their blazers and sweaters with our basic white tank top.


Touches of Crochet

Nothing provides a more delicate, feminine look than crochet detailing. We’re obsessed with crochet this season and for good reason. Not only does crochet jazz up any basic like our linen crochet trim cardigans but it can add a more put-together look without any extra effort. From cardigan lining, to dress overlays, there are a variety of ways you can fall in love with rocking crochet in your wardrobe this spring.

For these and other springtime style maternity essentials, visit PinkBlushMaternity.com

Adorable Cardigans c/o Pink Blush/Pink Blush Maternity


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On Wednesday's We Wear PinkBlush 3.25.2015

Hi ladies! Another week, another Wednesday; and you know what that means: PinkBlush Maternity outfit posts! Here’s some of the ways bloggers, fashionistas and customers alike wore PinkBlush recently. All links to the outfits are included, and many of these styles would make for a great Mother’s Day outfit, or special look for any Easter celebrations you may be participating in. Wishing you all a lovely week, and make sure to upload pictures of yourself wearing PinkBlush Maternity using the hashtag #PrettyInPinkBlush for your chance to win a $250 e-gift card certificate! 🙂

2015-03-26 02.09.47 pm

Twist Me Pretty wearing our Grey 3/4 Sleeve Maternity Top



Little Ms. Priss wearing our Mint Green Chiffon Color block Maternity Maxi Dress

Pink Blush Maternity Kimono Top Alycia Crowley Party Fashion Beauty Blogger 5

Crowley Party in our Black Printed Kimono and Black Leggings



Living In Color Style wearing our Basic Aqua Chiffon Dress



LoveLo wearing our Distressed Maternity Jeans


Life Could Be A Dream Blog wearing our Ivory Lace Maxi Cardigan & Pink Jeans

Pregnancy Style Crowley Party Alycia Grayce

Crowley Party wearing our Black Striped Dolman Top


Living In Color Style wearing our Mint Floral Chiffon Dress

For all of this week’s latest releases and must-haves make sure to shop your favorites at PinkBlushMaternity.com

Spring Style

Wednesday's We Wear PinkBlush Maternity

Because it’s Wednesday and on Wednesday’s we wear PinkBlush Maternity, here are our favorite ways our customers and bloggers have been wearing our brand this week! Want to be featured next week? Simply tag us on Instagram or use the hashtag #PrettyInPinkBlush for your chance to be mentioned and be considered for our monthly $250 PinkBlush shopping spree!


Twist Me Pretty wearing our Jade Black Plaid Printed 3/4 Sleeve Top


Janelle In Real Life wearing our Cream Crochet Cardigan and Black Zippered Leggings.



Life Could Be A Dream wearing our Navy Blue Sash Top and Distressed Maternity Jeans


Raspberry Glow wearing our Ivory Embroidered Maxi Cardigan (also available in Navy Blue)



A Darling Dream wearing our blue maternity distressed jeans



The Modern Tulip wearing our Royal Blue Basic Maternity Maxi Dress


For a full list of our new arrivals and must have spring styles, visit PinkBlushMaternity.com

Spring Style

Springtime Maternity Chic: Lightless Layers


Loving maxi dresses, skirts and tank tops but unable to wear them due to brisk springtime weather? Instead of repeating your winter wardrobe, you can start wearing florals and chiffon to your hearts content, simply by lightly layering! Whether mixing linen blazers, cool kimonos, or cropped jackets, you can stay comfortable and chic by pairing a few springtime essentials into your wardrobe.


Blazer Beautiful

Dress: Blue Basic Maternity Maxi Dress Similar Blazers: Here

We’re obsessed with our maternity basic maxi dresses and for good reason; they’re versatile, comfortable, and modest with a feminine twist. We love how Maegen from The Modern Tulip stays warm in our blue maternity basic maxi dress by pairing it with a fun striped blazer. By mixing dresses in colors that can be worn year-round with seasonal-friendly colors, like this yellow and ivory striped blazer, it instantly adds a colorful pop to the look, and makes this outfit springtime chic!

28weeks04 28weeks01 28weeks02


Comfortable Cardigans

Dress: Aqua Pink White Colorblock Maxi Cardigan: Shop Similar

With the warm weather approaching, we all know what that means: maxi dress season! Figure friendly and all around stylish for all occasions, they’re our go-to item, and when paired with a fun lightweight cardigan, you can feel as good as you look in this fab duo ensemble! For colorful dresses like this aqua pink and white colorblock maxi dress, pairing your look with a more neutral or single-toned cardigan is ideal to avoid a dress that appears too “busy,” while if you’re rocking a fun maternity basic, like Maegen above, go crazy with multi-colored and fun printed cardigans! The best part, is most maxi dresses and cardigans are transitional and work well after baby, providing you effortlessly chic style that can be in your wardrobe for seasons to come!


Maxi Maven

Dress: Shop Similar Maxi Cardigan: Ivory Linen Embroidered Maxi Cardigan

This breezy and beautiful linen embroidered cardigan has the perfect lightweight material and ultra-chic style to give you a cool and comfortable look all season long. Paired with your favorite denim jeans or dress, this cardigan provides the perfect layering for a completed ensemble, while keeping you and your bump feeling great with just the ideal touch of flair.


For a complete list of spring outfit essentials visit PinkBlushMaternity.com

Spring Style

Spring Preview: Chic Color Crush

2015-03-05 02.19.20 pm


With Daylight Savings about to take place, spring is officially on the horizon! We couldn’t be more excited, and what pairs better with springtime than blue skies, longer daylight and fresh flowers? The latest releases of spring fashion!

It’s time to defrost and warm up your maternity wardrobes with our spring 2015 collection! 

Blossom with our beautiful floral prints, feminine lace, chic chiffon and more with our latest arrivals that will help you feel springtime chic all season long. Here are some of our previews of what you can expect to see on PinkBlushMaternity.com in the near future!

2015-03-05 02.23.02 pm

Maxi Maven: 

Maxi dresses are perfect for springtime with their light, moveable fabric and figure-flattering silhouette. This season, expect a lot of favorite styles to return, from chevron to color block, along with new releases as well, like our floral layered dresses.


We’re obsessed with every single style that’s arriving this season, so make sure to check our Coming Soon section to be notified when your favorite styles will be in stock, along with our maxi dress section as well for our current offerings!



Double Trouble:

A new take on color block this season, is with a solid/print mix on dresses. Perfect for running errands or a date day, these dresses are a breeze to wear and will keep you comfortable all day. Added bonus? They double equally as well for nursing!


Colorblock Crushin’

We’re obsessed with colorblock and are so thrilled that this trend is returning for 2015! Perfect for making basics look a bit more vibrant, we’re obsessed with both pastel and neon blends for everything from tops to dresses and tunics!


Belted Beauty

Hello, beautiful! We’re all about a sophisticated silhouette and what better way to show off your bump than with one of our belted dresses. Form fitting in the arms and bust to show off your shape, before gliding over your bump, these dresses can help you to feel put-together effortlessly and are appropriate for all occasions.

For a full list of our spring arrivals, visit PinkBlushMaternity.com

Spring Style

How To Rock Spring Chic Styles Postpartum

Giving birth is one of the greatest miracles of life, but afterwards you may be wondering how exactly to dress. Between the possible weight gain, busy schedule, and of course practicality, a mother’s wardrobe often becomes more planned out than put-on chic. If you’re curious how to dress after having baby, here are some of our top spring picks for all occasions.


At Home:

When it comes to how you dress at home, comfort is key. It’s important to stay clear of anything that could cause discomfort to your baby, including shirt buttons or zipper pockets on tops. Instead, focus on soft cottons, and simplistic tops that will be comfortable to both you and baby. Since there’s a good chance you’ll be feeding on the regular, loose fitted tops, or nursing wear, can make meal time a snap (literally) and leggings will become your new best friend.

2015-02-26 08.42.05 am2015-02-26 08.42.30 am2015-02-26 08.42.57 am

Running Errands:

Between diaper changes, feedings and unpredictable nap times, the idea of going outside may seem foreign, but eventually running errands will be necessary. Luckily, cardigans can make a stylish outfit of your basics! This season’s we’re obsessing over patterned cardigans, which can make an outfit look put-together effortlessly, and bonus that the mixed print can discretely make spit-ups and milk stains less noticeable as well.


Put-Together Events

Whether you want to dress up for no reason at all, or you have something planned on the itinerary, it’s always a smart investment to have a few casual-chic outfits on hand. One style we’re loving at the moment is floral peplum tops! Perfect for showing off your figure in a flattering way, these springtime styles form to your arms and bust area for a classic look, while it flairs out at the belly to cover up pregnancy weight and add a little something extra for your ensemble.

pink skirt and floral outfitmama and nora floral outfitsflorals and hot pink skirtmama daughter style series floral outfit

Mom’s Night Out

You earned it! When it comes to a mom’s night out treat yourself with a fun, feminine look! For a modest approach, mix one of our seasonal floral tops, with a skirt, blazer and tights or go crazy by pairing the floral tops with jeans and a pair of heels. It’s easy to feel out of your comfort zone after giving birth, so taking small style steps after baby can help you feel comfortable and chic during the transition. Since beauty shines from the inside out, it’s important to feel your best, and not only will you look and feel beautiful, but these tops can be dressed up or down as well, so after your mom’s night out, you can just as easily wear these floral prints at home the next day as well!

For a full list of after-baby wardrobe essentials, visit ShopPinkBlush.com