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FALL HAIR TRENDS with Guest Blogger Lainey Pemberton

Photo credit: Lainey Pemberton  from @laineymariebeauty

Messy Bun:

1.) To do a chic yet simple messy bun, you want to start by gathering your hair into a high pony tail and securing it with a hair tie.

2.) Next, grab your hair and wrap it loosely around the base of the pony tail, bobby pinning it as you go. Once your hair is wrapped all the way around, ensure it’s secure with a few more bobby pins (if needed), and then begin tugging on the outside of the bun to make it look even more messy.

3.) Pull on your hair at the top of your hair to loosen it up a bit and now you’ve got the, “I tried but didn’t try” messy bun look!



Dutch Braid Pigtails:

1.) To begin your dutch braid pigtails you want to part your hair down the middle or to the side.

2.) Take a chunk of hair near the top of your head and divide it into three equal sections.

3.) Take one of the outside strands and cross it under the middle strand. Take the other outstand strand and cross it under the middle strand.

4.) Now, start incorporating hair into each of the outside strands by adding in a small section of hair to those strands, continuing to cross them under the middle strand. Make sure to include all of your hair by the time you get to the base of your head.

5.) Once you’re at the base of your hair then do a normal 3 strand braid and tie if off with a clear elastic.

Repeat these exact steps on the other side and then pull apart the braid and you’re done!



French Braid Side Braid:

1.) For a side French braid you want to begin by parting your hair to the side.

2.) Next, take about a two-inch chunk of hair from the top of your head and begin a french braid.

3.) To start a french braid, section this portion of hair into three even strands.  Now, start a normal braid; take the right strand and cross it over the middle strand. Next, take the left strand and cross it over the middle strand.

4.) Now begin adding hair with each crossover. To do this, gather a small section of hair from the hairline, add it to the rightmost strand, and then cross it over the middle strand. Repeat on the other side by gathering a small section of hair and adding it to the leftmost strand, and then crossing it over the middle strand

5.)Repeat these steps until you’re to the base of your head. Be sure to incorporate all of your hair before you reach the base of your head. Once you’ve added in all of your hair, finish the braid off into a regular 3 strand braid and tie it off with a clear elastic.

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Stay In Step This Fall

This season be head-to-toe fabulous when you add the final touch to your outfit with shoes that are right on trend for fall. Here are top 6 trends we are loving straight from the runway to your closet!



1. Pointy Toe: Perfect for the holiday season ahead, this chic and classic look will keep you comfortable but dress up any outfit perfectly. Try this trend in a heel or flat version.

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Hauntingly Fabulous Looks For You And Your Bump!

Boo! Halloween is here! Get costume ready with your favorite PinkBlush pieces. Everything you need to create a comfy, convenient and creative looks are all in one place, plus these styles can be worn after too! This is no trick, treat yourself to cute maternity clothes that can double as bump-worthy costumes but also be mixed in with your everyday wardrobe.




Our Burgundy Basic Ruched Sleeve Hi-Low Maternity Dress is the perfect base to any vampire costume, paired with our Black Faux Suede Laser Cut Booties, just add a cape and fangs and you’re ready to take on the night one candy at a time!

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Work It Mama!

Transitional Maternity/Nursing Looks For the Working Mother!

Maternity leave has come and gone, and while you may not be at your ideal pre-baby self, these styles will help you transition back to working mom mode while providing coverage, comfort and all the chicness a new mother needs when returning to the professional world.

Our Black Wrap V-Neckline ¾ Sleeve Maternity/Nursing Dress is perfect for transitioning back to work. The v-neckline makes nursing after pregnancy easy, and a wrap detail with cinching under the bust will beautifully highlight your new mom silhouette. Style this maternity/nursing dress with your favorite work heels and statement necklace for a feminine, professional chic look.

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Our 2016 Maternity Fall Forecast!

We are so excited for fall, time to ditch those short shorts and flowy tops and stock up on layers upon layers and this season’s most wearable trends.

First up on the fall trend train are HOODIES, yes I said it! We welcome back this trend with open arms. From oversized hoodies to 90’s logos and we can’t forget our favorite floral prints, this trend is sure to make your wardrobe top 10 for fall and keep you comfy all season long!


Looking to cross over your favorite boho styles into fall? Well go ahead with your bad self and stay on trend from one season to the next. Take your boho dresses from spring to fall by adding boots or heels and top with a chic faux fur jacket.


Not only is it the world’s favorite fall drink, it’s also now the must wear color this season. Stay absolutely yummy in pumpkin spice! Perfect for any skin tone, this is one trend that is sure to catch on and quick! Other straight off the New York runway colors predicted to be a staple this fall are pink and yellow!

Pumpkin Spice

Another 90’s trend we are happy to see back is the fabulous choker! Get ready to throw it back to your “whatever” and “as if” days when you throw on falls must-have accessory!


For more maternity clothing trends for fall, head over to PinkBlushMaternity.com and check out our Fall Preview Collection available now for purchase!

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Manic About Maxis

This year we’re manic about maxis! From maternity maxi skirts to maxi dresses, we love everything maxi when it comes to transitional mom fashion. These gorgeous maxi styles not only show off your growing bump, but also give you a flattering silhouette. They come in all different patterns, fabrics, and styles to choose from, which make these the ultimate versatile pieces for casual and formal occasions. Check out some of our Just In maternity maxi skirts and dresses, and discover which styles you like best!

abstract maxi front front

abstract maxi front

The Abstract Maxi

For the boho mom, an abstract maternity maxi dress is a suitable style for the artistic, carefree spirit. This tribal printed bottom maternity maxi dress is a gorgeous print we absolutely love. While an abstract print can be intimidating at first, when paired with simple accessories it can be the perfect star to every outfit.

Floral Colorbock maxi front

floral colorblock side

Floral & Colorblock

Just in time for spring, this light hued floral colorblock maternity maxi dress is the perfect transitional piece from season to season. A pretty floral print mixed with a solid hue is a perfect balance of print and color. You can easily dress this piece up for a baby shower by adding a long necklace and bangles, or keep it casual with some strappy sandals.

solid maxi

solid maxi side

Basic Colorblock Maxi

This colorblock maternity maxi dress is the perfect essential for every transitional mom. Solid colorblock hues make this an easy piece to wear on a day to day basis. If you’re a first timer with maxi dresses, this solid colorblock style is a great piece to start with.

maxi skirt

maxi skirt side

A Striped Maxi Skirt

Not a fan of maxi dresses? We have the solution for you with a gorgeous maternity maxi skirt. This is the perfect everyday essential you can throw on easily with a basic maternity top. Another great piece for casual or formal occasions, and any kind of weather. These skirts will show off your bump in style, and with a flattering striped print like this, it shows off your curves in the perfect way.

Check out more of our maternity maxi dresses and styles here for more beautiful inspirations!

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Cute and Quirky Gender Reveals



Are you looking for a fun and easy way to reveal your baby’s gender this year? If so, we’ve got the perfect pin-worthy ideas for how to let all your loved ones know the news about your baby’s gender. The long wait to learn your baby’s gender should be celebrated, so why not make a fun photo op out of this special time in your life? These simple ideas are easy to replicate for a boy or a girl, and not to mention adorable! Check out some of the ideas we’ve come up with and see which one you like best:

gumballs holding


Gumball Fun

Gumballs are an easy and creative way to represent your baby’s gender. Once you’ve picked out pink and blue gumballs, you can place them in a jar and decorate them any way you like. We tied a bow on to each jar for a simple detail. You can set up your shoot with a blanket and pillows like we did for a casual atmosphere, or set the jars on top of a table with you standing in front of them. No matter how you want to set up your shoot, have fun with it! There is no right or wrong when it comes to shooting your gender reveal.

Take a couple of fun photos of you in different poses, from blowing bubbles to holding the gumballs in excitement. Once you’re ready to take the final photo for the reveal, simply hold up the gumball that will reveal your baby boy or girl.

silly string

silly string 2

silly string 1 (1)

Silly String Madness

Lover of silly string? Then this gender reveal idea is perfect for you. This gender reveal requires the help of your friends or family, and is a great way to share the moment and fun with loved ones. Buy two cans of silly string: one that is pink, and one that is blue (for this shoot we used 4 cans). Have your friends stand on either side of you and when you’re ready, have them spray you with the blue or pink silly string to reveal your baby’s gender. While this shoot might look messy, it’s really very easy to cleanup as the silly string dries.

We hope these cute and quirky gender reveal ideas will inspire you to have fun and get creative with your baby’s gender reveal.

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Work It with Our Maternity Active Wear


sweaater we


We’re excited to announce that we are working it with an active wear collection perfect for the workout mom or the mom on-the-go. It’s important for moms to stay active during their pregnancy, and we’ve got the perfect outfits and styles to make all your active maternity wear dreams come true. From printed maternity leggings to comfy long sleeve sweaters, these maternity active wear items are perfect for any casual or upbeat occasion. No matter if you love long walks on the beach or yoga, there’s an outfit for every mom and her personal active wear style. Check out a couple of the items we’re featuring in our active wear collection:

linen 1 R

linen2 r


Linen Pants + Long Sleeve Sweater

We love these linen maternity pants. Perfect for a chic boho look that is casual, comfortable, and functional. The loose fit makes these linen maternity pants easy to move around in, from the yoga studio to running errands in the city. You can’t go wrong with a pair or two of these in your closet.


yoga leggings

Stylish Printed Leggings

These stylish tribal printed maternity leggings are the ultimate trend this year. Transform your boring, plain workout clothes into something fun and upbeat with these printed maternity leggings. These are the perfect item to wear during yoga or any dance-like activity. Not to mention you will be sure to stay warm in these during the cold winter air.

shorts 1

shorts 2

Yoga Shorts + Short Sleeve Basic Top

Get comfy in a pair of our maternity yoga shorts and a heathered short sleeve maternity top.  These are perfect for when the weather gets warm or you’re outside in the sun. These stretchy maternity yoga pants are easy to do a workout in, just pair with your favorite short sleeve maternity top for a casual, workout ready look.

heahter col

Heathered Tank + Yoga Pants

You can’t go wrong with a stylish heathered maternity tank top and short maternity yoga pants. This killer combination is perfect to do your workout in and then meet up with friends for a lunch date. We love a heathered print that gives this top casual style, while a comfy long maternity yoga pant will keep your legs warm. Throw a cute shoulder bag on and start your day off looking fabulous.

Check out more of our Active wear collection and discover your perfect workout look today.


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Wrap Up in Style with a Hospital Delivery Robe


Whether you’re in the delivery room at the hospital, doing chores, or nursing your little one at home, we want every mom to feel comfortable and gorgeous. We have the perfect item to do the trick, and once you put one on, you won’t want to take it off! Say hello to our maternity hospital/delivery robes, one of our favorite items for the modern transitional mom. These soft, functional hospital/delivery robes each come in a beautiful print and unique color. With a v-neckline and sash tie, you can adjust the the robe to your liking, while having something gorgeous to keep comfortable in all day and night. Wrap up in style in one of these hospital/delivery robes, and check out a couple of our favorites styles we’ve featured here.





Dark Hues + Floral Print

We love dark hues for a flattering silhouette, and a gorgeous floral print for a feminine detail. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful hospital/delivery robe combination like this. Not only are these robes great for the delivery room, but they are also perfect for nursing at home when you need something easy to slip on and off.


Mixed Print Fun

Not a fan of florals? Not to worry, we’ve got plenty of robes in beautiful tribal and abstract prints. We love this robe in particular with mixed prints including a bright paisley pattern. We guarantee you will feel like royalty every time you put one of these hospital/delivery robes on. Check out more of our hospital/delivery robes here to discover which style and hues are your favorite to wrap up in.

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One Poncho Styled 3 Ways

poncho col

One of our favorite maternity items during the winter season is a maternity poncho. It’s comfortable, oversized, and always stylish. A unique fit makes it a versatile essential you can style for many different looks, whether you just want to be comfy at home or have a stealthy piece to nurse your baby in. We’ve picked out one of our favorite maternity ponchos this season and styled it 3 ways just to show you how timeless these babies can be. You can’t go wrong with a casual go-to item that is both trendy and comfortable! Check out how we’ve styled this maternity poncho and adapt it your wardrobe as you please:


As a Top

For the modern mom with feminine style, wearing this maternity poncho as a top is easy with an added belt. A belt delicately cinches under the bust for a flattering silhouette, while it also sits above the belly showing off your growing bump. This poncho can be paired with maternity jeans and boots for a complete casual ensemble you won’t want to go without this season. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort with this maternity poncho as its trendy print and fringed detail keep this look modern and fresh.



As a Tunic

Boho moms can feast their eyes on a maternity poncho that doubles as a tunic. Simply style this maternity poncho with maternity leggings, heels (or boots), and a statement necklace for a casual chic style. This oversized piece is easy to throw on and off throughout the day, and is super comfortable to wear whether you’re running errands or lounging at home. With this maternity poncho, you have the ultimate boho essential.


For Nursing

Last but certainly not least, this stylish maternity poncho can be used as a nursing cover at home or on the go. The oversized fit of the maternity poncho makes it easy to comfortably accommodate your nursing babe. If you’re wearing this maternity poncho as a top simply take off your belt while nursing, and if your wearing it as a tunic then all you need to do is cover up!

No matter how you choose to wear your maternity poncho this winter season, you can take these looks and adapt them to your style in a way that best suits you! Visit PinkBlush Maternity to check out more of our maternity ponchos for stylish, effortless maternity fashion.