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The Infamous Baby Shower.. You wait all pregnancy for this day! Make it a memorable one with fun games to get his family and your family introduced and mingled without all the awkwardness. Nothing brings people together like a little competition and of course the showering of a mommy to be and her bun in the oven!

Grab your free printable baby shower games at the links below and let the good times begin!

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Baby Babble: (Courtesy of http://www.plan-the-perfect-baby-shower.com/baby-shower-word-scramble.html)

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Baby Shower Shares, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Maternity

The Cool Moms Guide To The Best Baby Shower Gift!

Looking to wow your mommy-to-be with the perfect gift for baby? Say so long to the basic, average and boring registry essentials! Thanks to incredible small shops finding fun, hip and trendy gifts to make those first months stylish and more organized, it’s easier than ever. Checkout our top 5 must-have baby shower gifts sure to impress and find more now at ShopPinkBlush.com!

1. Multi-Color Floral/Scallop Set 4-Pack Copper Pearl Bandana Drool Bibs
2. Sweet N Swag Light Pink Faux Leather Baby Moccasin
3. Aden + Anais Black Midnight 3-Pack Bamboo Swaddles
4. Black There’s A Nap For That Baby Bodysuit
5. Beba Bean Large Knit Lion

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Am I Having A Boy Or Girl? Fun Ways To Tell!

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pc : Alice Kerley of Lone Star Looking Glass

Wondering if your little bundle of joy will be a boy or girl? Here are some fun and wacky old wives’ tales said to be able to predict the sex of your baby!

  1. According to an old wives’ tale your baby’s heart rate can be used to predict the gender. Apparently, girls have faster heartbeats than boys. Above 140 ppm means you’re having a girl, and lower than 140 bpm means it’s a boy.
  2. Rumor has it that if you are carrying your baby high, it’s a girl. Carrying low? Stock up on blue.
  3. Legends say that if you are having a little girl, she’ll steal your beauty. So, if you’ve got acne and other not-so-pretty skin blemishes, you’ve got a little princess coming your way.
  4. Some say craving sweets indicates a baby girl is on the way, if salty and sour is on your crave list start breaking out the blue!
  5. Here is one of the most if not the most well-known wives ‘tales for gender predicting! Take your wedding ring and tie it to a string. Hang it over your belly. If it swings in a circle, a little guy’s in your future. If it goes back and forth, you’ve got a girl. (Caught in the act, I totally tried this! According to this, we’re expecting a baby girl! Stay tuned to find out!)
  6. They say if you have dreams that you are having a boy, you will have a girl. If you dream about having a girl, it will be a boy. Dreams show the opposite of what you are having. (Not sure how accurate this could be, with my son, I was constantly dreaming of giving birth to a boy and sure enough it was a boy. This pregnancy I have been waiting for a dream about what we’ll have and the other night I finally had a dream of a baby girl. I think when you dream of gender it’s your intuition telling you. We’ll see!)
  7. Show me your hands! When a pregnant woman is asked to show her hands, it’s a boy if she keeps her palms down and a girl if she shows her palms up.
  8. It is said that when you can only think of specific names for a boy or a girl, you will have that particularly baby.
  9. Ok, this one has got to be my favorite, if the dad-to-be gains weight while you are pregnant, it’s a girl. If he doesn’t gain weight, you’re having a boy. (My husband recently began to work out again, which mean someone feels they have been putting on the pounds besides myself lol!)

We hope these wives’ tales provided a little insight but most of all fun! Share your prediction stories with us at media@pinkblushmaternity.com! And don’t forget, no matter the occasion, our maternity clothes deliver style for the mommy-to-be. Dress up your bump with PinkBlushMaternity.com!

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Baby Showers: Who, When, What to Wear & Your Registry

Baby’s on its way so it’s time to celebrate! In most countries, family and friends get together to shower the soon-to-be mother with presents to celebrate mother and child and welcome the women’s journey into motherhood. From showers for a first time mother, to a sprinkles party for a second time mother, a co-ed shower, or even a sip and see. These days anything goes.

First, determine who will plan the shower. It can be anyone from family, friends to a co-worker. Though you can host your own shower, it’s still considered unusual.  Generally either a sister, mother-in-law, or the guest of honor’s mother will host or co-host the event.

There has been much debate as to when the baby shower should be held. Rule of thumb says between when the mother to be is 6-8 months. Some say definitely later so that the pregnancy can be well along but others say the earlier the better to insure baby will not make an early appearance. Personally I had my baby shower when I was 6 months. I felt well enough to attend and I felt beautiful because I wasn’t super huge yet but everyone is different and you should make sure the date works best for the mother to be. Also, take in consideration if people need to travel, providing plenty of notice in advance for travel arrangements.

Once a date is set, the real planning will begin. The theme should delight the guest of honor and represent the style and taste of the expectant mother. There is no rule stating that the colors must be strictly pastel so go wild and have fun, all within reason of course. You want to make sure the mother to be will love her shower and enjoy herself at the same time. Pregnancy can be emotional and you want her to feel pampered and special during this important day.

Guest in attendance will range from family and friends of the expecting mother’s family to the family and friends of the soon to be father! Sometimes if decided, even the father and his friends will also attend the baby shower. You will want to make sure all of the expecting mother’s closest friends are also invited. Having her write a list and provide addresses for everyone she would like to see attend is always a great idea in order to insure no one is left out.

Now the fun part, when preparing for your shower you will accumulate a list of needs and wants for when baby has made their arrival. This is called your registry. From personal experience, I would recommend reaching out to friends and family who have had children and ask them what you will really need. I pinned and googled and found a number of items which I included in my list or was dead set on thinking I needed and in the end I didn’t use half of it. To insure you get what you really need for baby, asking other mothers will provide you with a list of the necessities. People will also send gigts you may have not necessarily registered for but you will come to realize you ended up needing! Registering with your partner can become a bonding experience making it more real that soon your party of two will be a party of three!

Last but not least, your dress! Its super important you feel beautiful and comfortable at the same time. You may choose to go with a solid dress or a bold print to compliment your theme. Whichever the case, if you’re looking for the perfect dress, PinkBlush Maternity has you covered. Shop our exclusive collection of Maternity Dresses specifically designed for Baby Showers!! This moment will be documented by tons of photos so make sure the dress you say yes to, is one you absolutely love and will love forever.

When you shower date finally arrives, relax and enjoy.  Have fun participating in baby themed games and fill up on delicious food and sweet treats. Remember to get tons of photos of all your guests and appoint a close friend or family member to write down gifts along with the name of the person who brought it so you may send out thank you cards. It’s always also a nice gesture to send your hosts a thank you card, small gift or flowers to thank them for planning what you will always remember as the perfect shower.


To share your baby shower and the PinkBlush dress you choose, please email media@pinkblushmaternity.com!

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Let's Have a Garden Party-Baby Shower, That Is

With less than a month away from Spring, it’s the perfect time to start planning your Spring-themed baby shower. A new season brings copious amounts of fresh ideas for a baby shower, and there’s one idea in particular we’ve been dreaming about. This Spring we’re loving a garden tea party baby shower, just like the one you might imagine in Alice and Wonderland, but without all those crazy characters, of course. Take a look at how we’ve styled our dream baby shower, complete with a gorgeous maternity outfit and pretty little garden tea party accessories.

garden party

GP standing


For the perfect garden party baby shower, all you need are a couple essentials. First, pick out a color scheme and decide on decorations that match. Mint and pink are our key colors here, and they are prefect for the pastel hues of Spring. You can find some great DIY projects for tassel streamers like the ones featured above on Pinterest.

Next, decide on what kind of food and drink you want to provide for your guests. Since this is a tea party, we kept it simple and stuck with desserts and tea.

Last but not least, we put together the perfect garden party ensemble to bring the whole idea together. We chose a multi-color maternity maxi dress paired with wedges and a floppy sun hat for our baby shower look. You can make your baby shower look as dressed up or as casual as you want, this is your party after all! The only rule we hope you keep in mind is to show off your beautiful bump, no matter what you wear.

We hope this garden party baby shower inspires you to create your own gorgeous, Spring-themed shower. If you’re  attending a baby shower in the near future, check out more of our baby shower looks for the perfect ensemble to celebrate your loved ones in.

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Baby Shower Gift Guide

karlee baby shower

There are so many different choices when it comes to picking out the perfect baby shower gift. If it’s a boy, your gift giving will be geared one way, and if it’s a girl another; sometimes the parents are waiting to find out the sex until the birth. Help! So with all these factors and anxiety surrounding baby shower gift giving, we’ve come up with a list of baby shower gifts perfect for boys, girls, and gender neutral.

boy gift guide


For a Boy

  1. Carter’s Flannel Receiving blankets are the perfect gift for a baby shower so parents can have their own blankets to bring to and from the hospital.
  2. These hip bandana drool bibs come in a pack of four adorable prints great for bringing out a little boy’s personality and keeping them dry all day long.
  3. There is nothing more cute in this world than printed baby socks! These will be sure to always keep little feet warm.

girl GG 1

 For a Girl

  1. These washable muslin heart snap bibs come in an adorable pink print and make a great gift for new parents.
  2. We couldn’t find a more perfect set of floral receiving blankets to beautifully bring a new baby girl into this world.
  3.  Cherished Moments Mom & Me matching bracelets are the perfect keepsake items for a new mom and her daughter making them feel instantly connected with these precious sterling silver bracelets.

gift guide gender neutral

 Gender Neutral Gifts:

  1. Tinybeans Mess-Ups & Moments Cards will make every parent smile, laugh, and help capture all their baby’s first moments and memories.
  2. A printed changing pad cover in a cute animals print is a great gift to help make diaper changing a little less messy with this soft, washable fabric.
  3. We love these baby bandanas so much, that we found a stylish striped print perfect for a baby boy or girl!

We hope this gift guide helps all of you who are attending a baby shower in the near future, or will give parents throwing a baby shower gift ideas for what they want! Check out more of these baby products on our site for more inspirations and gift ideas.

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Real Women, Real Style: Baby Shower Looks

More maternity fashion collabs are here! For those of you who are throwing a baby shower or attending one in the near future, we’ve got a couple of gorgeous maternity baby shower dresses you have to see. These maternity dresses are also perfect for gender reveal photos, or formal occasions as a transitional mom. These beautiful styles and inspirations we’re featuring today come from real women, with real style; fashion bloggers and moms that shared with us their individual PinkBlush outfit inspirations.

mint dress edited

This gorgeous lady, Julia, is showing off one of our best sellers this week, our Mint Green Floral Maternity Dress. A perfect dress for any baby shower this year, featuring a floral printed chiffon material just in time for the spring months ahead! Julia paired this floral maternity dress with a neutral heel and a classy pearl necklace for simple, elegant style. We love it, you go girl!




One of our all time favorite maternity dresses for a baby shower or gender reveal is a maternity wrap dress.  Caitilin looks absolutely gorgeous in this printed maternity wrap dress, and how cute are her photos?! This maternity dress beautifully shows off her bump and flatters her figure for a stunning result.  Not only is this dress great for special occasions, but a v-neckline makes nursing after pregnancy both easy, and stylish!

We love doing collaborations with fashion bloggers and soon-to-be moms, and we are lucky to get a sneak peak into the lives of real women wearing our products! We hope you enjoyed these lovely ladies and their beautiful baby shower outfit inspirations.

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A Boho Inspired Baby Shower



Do you love tribal prints, ethereal inspiration, and embracing the nature around you?  If you are a lover of all things boho like we are, then you will love these ideas for a boho baby shower. We’ve combined simple, effortless maternity looks with some fun DIY decor ideas that can be easily replicated for your own baby shower. Whether you are celebrating a baby boy or a baby girl, we’ve got the perfect looks to make your boho baby shower dreams come true.




For a Boy

When it comes to celebrating a baby boy, there are so many different ideas for a boho themed shower. While DIY projects might sound challenging and time consuming, they can also be a lot of fun and a great bonding experience with family and friends who want to share your baby shower experience with you. We wanted to stick to simple, natural elements for our decor, so we chose to make a garland with feathers and colored tassels (blue of course) for an easy decoration. We also crafted together a feather mobile using twine, branches, and feathers for an extra decoration that would catch with the wind and add a pretty, free spirited element to our boho inspired setting.





When it comes to picking out a boho baby shower outfit, we love a blue printed maternity maxi dress that is comfortable, flattering, and beautiful. This v-neck style maxi perfectly shows off your growing belly, while the sash tie cinches under the bust to create a long, flattering shape for any transitional mom. Feel free to add any accessories you think go with your outfit, we like to add a jeweled headband or headpiece to really complete a boho inspired look. Remember, the best outfit is the one that makes you feel comfortable and gorgeous all at the same time.





For a Girl

For a baby girl, we wanted to really hone in on an ethereal inspired look. A white chiffon maternity dress and a pink DIY flower crown creates an absolutely elegant look perfect for celebrating a baby girl. You could also wear a white lace maternity dress, or a flowy white maternity tunic with boots for a boho inspired look. We kept our decor simple with solid and lace streamers hung in the nearby trees, similar to the feather mobile in delicately catching the movement of the wind for a natural backdrop. All together, this boho baby shower theme for a girl is natural, simple, and gorgeous.  You can’t beat the surrounding beauty of using an outdoor location, and with a touch of effortless maternity fashion, we believe it’s the perfect combination for a boho baby shower.

We hope our boho inpsired baby shower ideas for a baby boy and girl give you everything you need to get creative and throw the baby shower of your dreams.


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It's A Girl Photo Booth


Nowadays, it seems like your party is somehow incomplete without a photo booth. You see pictures of friends and family on Facebook and Instagram in front of elaborate backdrops, holding playful props and think that looks amazing!  The photo booth is a great way to get your guests involved in activity66 throughout the day and bring out the silly side of things so that you can look back and smile at all of the memories. Making a DIY photo booth is actually easier than you think and in a short amount of time with a few supplies, you can construct a fun photo booth station for your baby shower as well.

We alternated taping strips of tulle and ribbon to the wall to create a striped backdrop for the photo booth. Then, we took old square boxes and taped butcher paper around them to make them look like building blocks. Next, we cut out letters from a playfully printed piece of paper and glued them on the side of the blocks. You can spell out any word you want, even your baby’s name! Finally, you print out some fun props such as mustaches, glasses, or a pacifier from the internet onto card stock and tape them onto a wooden skewer. Bring along some goofy hats or scarves to really give your guests some options. You can set up a camera on a stand with a timer or enlist a family member to help capture those memories for you. Either way, you’ll end up with pictures of a day you will never forget.

Join in on the fun while feeling comfortable in maternity leggings and a gorgeous lace detailed maternity top. Trendy and flattering, these pieces are perfect to complete your baby shower look. All you need is a flower crown and a long pendant necklace and you have a bohemian inspired ensemble.

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Boho Woodland Baby Shower

Planning your baby shower soon? Take a look at Jamie Ward’s blog Glitz A Beautiful Life to see just how it’s done! Decked in boho and woodland décor, Jamie’s family put together a baby shower for the books. Complete with a onesie decorating station, themed desserts that look too good to eat, and a selfie tree! Lanterns, candles, and twinkle lights lit up the barn for a romantic, intimate feel while guests showered her with love. Jamie wore her printed top maternity maxi dress to the event and loved how comfortable she felt and beautiful she looked. We would definitely agree. A maternity dress is the perfect piece to wear to a baby shower because it is flattering, feminine, and fun.  She kept with the bohemian theme by styling it with a flower crown in vibrant hues to match her bright, laid back dress. Jamie looked absolutely glowing as she spent time with friends and family celebrating her baby.






Thanks for sharing your special day with PinkBlush! We can’t wait to see what PinkBlush favorite you wear to your babyshower, ladies! Tag us at #prettyinpinkblush