PinkBlush’s 2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the glowing mother-to-be? Here at PinkBlush, we have you covered with the most gorgeous maternity essentials in brilliant spring to summer hues to make the mother’s transition effortless. Comfort is key, especially during these warm months coming up, but that never means you have to sacrifice style to accomplish it. Our goal is to design our pieces with the trendy, modern mother in mind and this season’s hottest looks are here to give the expecting mom the ultimate collection of warm weather must-haves.

The number one wardrobe essential is the basic maxi dress because it can be paired with countless looks from casual to dressy. Over the course of the day, jeans can weigh heavy or become so uncomfortable that jumping into the nearest pair of sweats sounds like the best idea in the world. What’s great about this short sleeve maternity maxi dress is that its lightweight, stretchy fabric will keep you stylishly cool and comfortable on the even warmest of days. Featuring a cinched under bust cut to flatter your growing bump, pair this beauty with a light printed kimono or statement necklace day or night. Thankfully, this dress comes in enough colors to have one for every day of the week!

When in doubt, layer. It always adds a subtle printed flare that transforms any look from plain to perfect. With a floral printed chiffon kimono like this, it’s hard not to wear it with every outfit. From basic tank tops to solid maxi dresses, this breezy lightweight piece is the final touch that is missing from the ultimate spring to summer wardrobe. If you’re looking to add some sparkle, we also love accessorizing this playful piece with a long necklace to create a laid-back look.


Darks may fill those winter wardrobes right now, but what the soon-to-be mom really needs is this light hued open crochet t-strap back maternity tank top will give her a knockout look throughout pregnancy during these sunny days. Thanks to the cinched under bust style and gorgeous draped front, you have a comfortable and flirty-fun piece to pair from morning to night. With a legging and color block sandal, your modern chic ensemble is complete.

Without this floral chiffon maternity dress, the spring and summer wardrobe is incomplete. A brilliant mint green featuring multi-colored floral is just the right print to stand out in this season in the most flattering way. If the print wasn’t enough to catch your eye, this must-have features the most important factors of all: a cinched under bust cut, ¾ sleeves, and a breezy chiffon fabric that lays beautifully at every stage of pregnancy. From Sunday brunch to Friday date night, this exceptional piece will give the expecting mother the perfect excuse to dress up.

Whether you’re 8 weeks or 8 months, this mother’s day is to celebrate the moms and moms-to-be around the world, recognizing their sacrificing love and endless support. Give the perfect thank you this mother’s day by wrapping up some spring lovelies from our new arrivals.

Oh Boy! Baby Shower Inspiration + Free Printables



Oh boy, it’s baby shower season! If you’re expecting a bundle of blue this springtime, look no further than Ms. Julie O’Brien’s recent baby shower for some inspiration! With great friends, amazing food and of course a stunning PinkBlush Maternity dress, there’s so much to love about this beautiful celebration event!

One of the best ways to capture all of your pictures during your baby shower in one central spot, and a great way to do that is with the help of a unique hashtag! These days so many baby shower guests are on Instagram, so in creating a fun, festive hashtag, everyone can browse one another’s pictures (as long as they’re public accounts) and can re-connect with new acquaintances they may have met at the party! For Julie’s baby shower, she used the themed-appropriate hashtag #OBrienTeaParty but there are so many other great ones you can choose from! Between #xshavingababy to #x’sgotabunintheoven there are many ways to create a hashtag that’s themed appropriate yet still specific enough that only your pictures from the event will show up in the feed.



Another great way to save time and money is with the addition of free printables. We loved how Julie motivated her guests to fill out their envelopes for the ‘Thank You’ cards, because let’s be real, the last thing you want to do when you’re eight or nine months pregnant is to look up everyone’s address. Not only does this give guests something to do when they first arrive, but it can gather everyone around the table to turn in their envelopes, which can create an awesome opportunity for everyone to connect. We were so inspired, we created our own, along with some other free printables as well! Feel free to download your own below, and if you’d like to see more of Julie’s pictures, make sure to visit her Instagram at @MrsJulieOBrien or on ours at @pinkblushmaternity as we’ve featured her multiple times :)

Julie’s PinkBlush Maternity Basic White Chiffon Maternity dress is available here  and for more baby shower outfit options, feel free to browse all of our current options at!




DIY: Floral Crowns



Earth Day is this Wednesday (4.22) and in celebration we’re sharing one of our favorite ways to get into the spirit with your very own DIY Flower Crowns!

These whimsical pieces have become the go-to accessory this springtime, taking over both the fashion world and our Pinterest pages! Perfect for baby showers, maternity photo shoots or simply spending the afternoon with some girlfriends, these floral headpieces are ideal for adding a bit of mother nature into your daily style!

2015-04-17 03.37.15 pm

What You’ll Need:

Flowers (real or faux your choice!)

Floral wire

Floral Tape


Floral Wire Scissors

Hot Glue Gun + Glue



Depending on the size and color scheme you’d like your flower crown to be, select different varieties of flowers that create a unique blend. For ours, we’re selected daisies, spearworts and pink flowers of varying sizes to create both depth and an appealing look but anything works! Nothing smells better than fresh flowers, but if you’d like to wear your floral headband for more than a couple days, we strongly suggest making yours with artificial flowers like ours.


Take a piece of floral wire, and form it into a circular shape. Rest it atop your head and adjust to see how long you’ll need it to fit loosely. Cut off excessive wire and form the rest into the final shape that you want your crown to be. Use floral tape to keep the wire in a circular shape, wrap the tape around multiple times to both keep the wire in place, and to create a barrier between the wire and your head.

floral crown2


You’ll want to start by adding beautiful greenery that will act as a base of your crown and hide the floral tape. You’ll want to continue adding greenery until all of the tape is covered. Once the base of your crown is looking beautiful, it’s time to add the flowers! Remove stems from flowers and apply a generous amount of hot glue to their base. Once tacky, apply the flowers to the headband and hold until they stay attached on their own. Feel free to add as many or little as you’d like. For ours we chose more in front and less in the back for a fun, layered look.

2015-04-17 03.45.31 pm

The best part about making flower crowns is that there isn’t a “wrong” way of making them! Depending on where you’ll be wanting to wear them, these whimsical accessories can be as minimal or massive as you’d like! Have fun with your DIY self making these fun pieces, and if you have any pictures or advice in making your own, make sure to let us know in the comments!


For outfits that go wonderfully with these floral crowns, make sure to visit


XO – PinkBlush



Wardrobe Wednesdays

Happy Hump Day, ladies! Well, we’ve made it to the half way point; just a few more days until the weekend! We’re loving all of the ways both bloggers and customer’s are wearing PinkBlush this week for maternity pictures, date nights and grabbing coffee with girlfriends. With so many fun styles, we couldn’t wait to show you all the different ways you can rock your favorite PB frocks this season! Hope this list gives you some wardrobe inspiration, and if you wear any PinkBlush this week, make sure to hashtag #PrettyInPinkBlush for your chance to win a $250 shopping spree! Xo.



Happy Medley wearing our PinkBlush Maternity Distressed Maternity Jeans



The Modern Tulip wearing our Mint Green Floral Chiffon Dress

2015-04-15 02.45.17 pm


Kristyn Cole looking brilliant in our Neon Yellow Embroidered Maxi Dress (women’s line)

2015-04-15 02.50.29 pm

Mrs. Julie O’Brien wearing our Grey Striped Lace Accent Dress

2015-04-15 02.52.54 pm


Afternoon Style sporting our Dark Navy Basic Maternity Jeans

2015-04-15 03.05.34 pm

Positively Oakes in our Black Fleece-lined Maternity Leggings & Tunic

2015-04-15 03.13.46 pm

Ashley Knichols in our Floral Printed Kimono

2015-04-15 03.21.41 pm


Living In Color Style rocking our White Rose Printed Maternity Dress

2015-04-15 03.24.12 pm


Living In Color Style looking amazing in our Mint Green Floral Print Chiffon Dress

2015-04-15 03.45.56 pmAmber Latta in our Mint Green Floral Maternity Chiffon Dress


For these and other PinkBlush Maternity outfits, visit


PinkBlush Baby Shower: Baby Blue Theme


It’s baby shower season! We here at PinkBlush love when our bloggers and customer’s share pictures of how they wore our PinkBlush items during their special day and in celebration of all of the amazing baby showers our customer’s have shared with us, we’ll be starting to share some of the pictures each week! This week we’re featuring Alia from Little Mrs Priss and her beautiful blue inspired baby shower for her baby boy!



Backyard baby showers can be an amazing way to get friends and family together in a relaxing environment, away from the hustle and bustle of busy restaurants or public parks. Not only is it inexpensive to host a backyard baby shower, but they can be a great way to set up a location just how you’d like, and be able to serve your own food and drinks without paying a fee!

One of our favorite ways to decorate is with the clothes pin idea, where anytime a guest gives the gift of baby clothes, they all get to be hung up for a cute extra backdrop! Burlap backdrop photos is also really popular right now, and can be a great way to share with guests all those pictures they may have been asking about, ranging from maternity photo shoot shots, to first ultrasound pictures.







With all of the pictures being taken at your baby shower, it’s worth while to look into finding the perfect outfit for your special day. You’ll want to make sure you take the weather into consideration, and beyond that, finding something that you look and feel beautiful yet comfortable in. In the world of social media, spending a few minutes planning what you’ll wear can be a great way to ensure you’re happy with any pictures you may get tagged in or want to share yourself!

Currently, many women are choosing to wear a style that reflects the gender of their baby or a pastel-inspired hue to their shower for some extra excitement about if it’s a boy or girl. We’re loving how Alia played on expecting a baby boy by wearing a mint dress, that not only looks beautiful but fits in with her theme as well.

Hello, delicious! Wondering what to serve guests that can be affordable, filling and fun? We’re obsessed with this waffle bar idea which lets guests add whatever toppings they’d like to this delicious food! With waffle makers costing as low as $19, it can be inexpensive to make your own mix for a yummy homemade treat, and if you can borrow one from a friend or relative, even better! Bonding over the bar area can be a great way for guests to interact and break the ice if they haven’t met one another yet.




Baby showers are all about celebration, and what better way to get people in a happy, joyous mood than with some baby shower games! We here at PinkBlush had a blast going through all of our customer favorites, from Baby Bingo to Not saying the Word ‘baby’ to guessing how many jelly beans are in the baby bottle. We’ll be providing our own free printables that you can use for your baby shower with our Top 10 baby shower games within the month, but meanwhile, here’s a fun free printable where you can print out your Thank You tags for any gifts you may be giving your guests, along with table name cards and a cute list to write down what everyone gifted you! You can download that here:

Baby Shower Free Printable

Make sure to share any pictures if you decide to use our printables or wear PinkBlush at your very own baby shower! We’ll be giving away a $250 PinkBlush shopping spree every month to someone who wears our items! Simply use the hashtag #PrettyInPinkBlush anytime you wear our items, or tag us on Instagram for your chance to be entered!

For this and other baby shower styles, visit

Monday Munchies: Four Unique Ways To Eat Grapefruit

Grapefruit can be all sorts of delicious when you’re pregnant. They’re full of flavor and nutrients, making them a convenient and tasty pregnancy snack. While great alone, here are four unique ways you can incorporate grapefruit into your spring menu.



Broiled Grapefruit with Cinnamon Sugar by The Kitchn

While warm grapefruit may seem like an odd choice, give this snack just one chance and you’ll be hooked! Just the right balance of sweet and savory you’ll fall in love with this breakfast favorite.


Grapefruit Yogurt Pancakes by Braised Anatomy 

Take a break from blueberry pancakes and introduce a new fruit to your breakfast cakes with this delicious dish! Creamy, fruity and perfect when paired with powdered sugar, these will have you craving a plate full!


Honeyed Grapefruit Parfait with Popped Amaranth by The Kitchn

Hello, nutritious breakfast! Packed with vitamins and minerals and serving the grapefruit in it’s true form, this breakfast, snack or dessert dish is perfect for feeling your best and warding of the flu and cold!


Homemade Grapefruit Sorbet by Say Yes

When you’ve had enough ice cream, this homemade grapefruit sorbet is ready to be your sweet tooth answer! Made with just three ingredients and served in a visually appealing fruit bowl, you’ll be wanting this in batches, especially on those warm afternoons!


What goes better than fresh fruit and springtime? Springtime clothes! Make sure to find all of your pregnancy must-haves at


Springtime Transitional Styles



Congratulations, you found the perfect dresses to wear for your baby shower and maternity photo shoots! They are cute, figure-flattering AND affordable!?! Score! Even better? Did you know that many of our springtime staples are transitional? Some of our favorite fashion bloggers got together for a fun afternoon to showcase how our apparel can be worn both during and after pregnancy :)


Monday Munchies: Easter Candy


It’s Monday, ladies!!! Feeling tired? Not ready for the five day work week? Well PinkBlush is here to give you a little sugar rush with some Monday munchies recipes to get you through Friday with your leftover Easter candy :) Enjoy!

edIMG_2126 edIMG_2092 edIMG_2076

Yellow Bliss Road with these amazing Layered Peeps Rice Krispy Treats

cadburys-caramel-egg-stuffed-croissants-basket cadburys-caramel-egg-stuffed-croissants-rolling cadburys-caramel-egg-stuffed-croissants-caramel-puddle

Taming Twins creating these delicious Cadburry’s Carmel Egg Stuffed Crossants


And because what is Easter candy without Reese’s Eggs? Here are the amazing Peanut Butter Reese’s Eggs cookies by Bake at 350.

10 Fun Easter Facts


Happy Easter, Blushettes! In celebration of this springtime holiday, here’s a list of 10 fun Easter facts that are equally fun for your own curiosity as well as for sharing around the brunch table!

1. Americans spend 1.9 billion each year on Easter candy. It’s the second biggest candy holiday after Halloween.

2. 70% of Easter candy purchased is chocolate. Of that chocolate, yes, there’s a reason why some chocolate eggs look like dinosaur eggs. The scaly, crocodile-skin texture that’s found on many chocolate Easter eggs was developed by German chocolatiers as an easy way to disguise any imperfections.

3. 76% of Americans admit to eating a chocolate bunny’s ears first, while 5% go for the feet and 4% opt for the tail.

4. Egg dyes were once made out of natural items such as onion peels, tree bark, flower petals, and juicers. Even longer ago, it’s been found that decorating eggs is an ancient tradition which archaeologists finding fragments of carved ostrich eggs used as drinking vessels from 60,000 years ago in Africa.

5. The first story about a rabbit hiding eggs in a garden was published back in 1680.

6. “The White House Easter Egg Roll” event has been celebrated by the President of the United States and their families since 1878 since the tradition was created by President Rutherford B. Hayes.

7. Every child in the UK received an average of 8.8 Easter eggs every year- double their recommended caloric intake for a whole week.

8. Households across the world spend an average of $131 on Easter each year, $14.7 billion in total.

9. In the USA alone, 90 million chocolate bunnies and 91.4 billion eggs are produced each year. Americans also consume more than 16 million jellybeans used to fill the hallow center of Easter eggs which is enough to circle the globe three times over. Even bigger than jellybeans though? American’s buy more than 700 million marshmallow peeps during the Easter holiday, which makes them the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy.

10. The custom of giving eggs at Easter has been traced back to Egyptians, Persians, Gauls, Greeks and Romans for whom the egg was a symbol of life. Likewise, games surrounding the egg have been around since the medieval times, when a festival of egg throwing was held in church. A priest would throw a hard-boiled egg to one of the choirboys where it was then tossed from one to another; and whoever held the egg when the clock struck 12 was the winner and could keep it.

Three Ways To Style Lace Dresses

2015-04-03 12.50.23 pmhow to style lace dresses

We here at PinkBlush Maternity are huge fans of anything lace, and this light pink lace maternity dress is no exception. It’s easy to find yourself purchasing a few of these dresses for your springtime wardrobe, as they’re incredibly versatile and adaptable for all occasions. With this pink lace belted maternity dress being an amazing springtime style staple, here are three simple ways you can dress up this fun frock for anything on your upcoming social calendar :)
_DSC7372-Edit _DSC7388-Edit _DSC7367-Edit
Dressed Up:
It’s great having a go-to outfit ready in your closet for any dress-up worthy occasions that may arise, and this lace dress is the perfect selection this season. Since lace looks fancy all on its own, it doesn’t require much work from the rest of the pieces. When paired with a nude cross-body and heels, you can keep it effortlessly chic! Adding a statement necklace can provide the perfect bit of glam while if you’re going for an extremely dressy look, you can always add a structured blazer or jacket as well!
_DSC7354-Edit _DSC7363-Edit _DSC7359-Edit
Dressed Down:
As much as it’s fun dressing up, many of us pregnant ladies are casual girls at heart. Lace dresses make the perfect daytime attire when paired with the right accessories. With a light cardigan, some fun sandals, and a go-to neutral handbag, you can build a perfect outfit for being out and about running errands or grabbing a tea with some girlfriends.
cropped 1 3 _DSC7420-Edit _DSC7423-Edit
Layering your look can always be a great idea as it can add dimension, texture, and of course warmth- when needed. A basic chambray is the perfect item to layer over a lace dress in the spring and it adds a bit of color! For some added texture, add your favorite faux leather wedges and you’ve got the perfect layered outfit for spring!
For this and other easily adaptable spring styles, claim your favorites at

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