Spring Style: Cardigans


February can be an interesting month for fashion choices. The weather can vary from overcast and cold, to beautiful and sunny; and certain days, it can choose to be a bit of everything depending on the hour. Luckily, if the weather decides to be different in your bedroom than on the drive over to get groceries, there’s an answer for these unpredictable days: cardigans.

Cardigans are a pregnancy blessing, not simply because they can easily be thrown on to make a jeans and tee day a bit more special, but the fact that they’re incredibly transitional as well. Whether you’re currently pregnant, nursing, or back to body before baby, cardigans can help you feel comfy and chic all year long.


Cardigans are a great way to transform your outfit from drab to fab, and during pregnancy is a great time to break out of your comfort zone and play with different patterns and prints. Animal printed cardigans are a great option to add a bit of texture to your outfit while still staying somewhat neutral, while tribal print cardigans can provide your look with attention for all the right reasons.


One aspect to keep in mind when finding the perfect maternity cardigan is length. It’s important for your cardigan to not only hit below your bump, but to hit slightly longer around mid-hip, to ensure that when completely buttoned up your cardigan won’t rise mid-belly. Our navy blue sparkle animal print cardigan for example, is the perfect length to be paired over jeans, but could equally look great with our fleece lined leggings or a white lace dress.

Whatever your personal style is, there’s perfect cardigans for you available at PinkBlushMaternity.com

Choosing The Right Colors For Your Fall Maternity Photo Shoot

pinkblushmaternity outfits


If you’re planning on taking your maternity pictures this season, choosing the right colors for your outfit is critical. Too easily, expectant mothers focus only on an outfits silhouette; however focusing on finding a pleasing shape as well as alluring color is important to ensure your pictures are both memorable and breathtaking. With fall being a time of change full of warm/earthy tones, selecting colors that reflect this season can help showcase your look, as well as ensure that the full images appear complimentary.




Mustard is an often overlooked hue, however this shade is great for adding warm tones to your overall look and enhancing the pregnancy glow in your skin! Finding a mustard knit with delicate accents, such as our mustard lace trim maternity tunic as seen on Kara of While Camden Sleeps is a great way to stand out in a scenic image and ensure that all eyes are on you for all the right reasons!




When it comes to versatile fall colors, burgundy takes the cake. While some colors style well year round, burgundy especially shines this time of year, providing a festive, vibrant look! It’s no wonder why multiple celebrities and bloggers can be found in beautiful burgundy apparel, like our lace maternity dress as seen on Rachel of Glow of Grace and fashionista Kara of While Camden Sleeps. Burgundy apparel pairs beautifully with radiant red lips and provides a timeless look that you can enjoy reflecting back on, years down the line.



While grey is one of those colors that looks great year round, fall is the best time to be photographed in this hue, as it provides a mix of brightness to the image, as well as touch of warmth. With many blue skies starting to become overcast afternoons, grey is a great way to have your maternity photo shoot outfit compliment the background, while focusing the attention on areas where you want to direct it. Styling your photo shoot look with a black top paired with a grey crochet cardigan, like our heather crochet shoulder maternity cardigan as seen on Jessica is a great way to add a dreamy appearance that keeps all eyes on your face and bump!



Likewise, if the fall weather calls for heavier outwear, options like our ivory and black printed long maternity cardigan as seen on Irina Bond, helps provide a portion of focus on the outfit as a whole, while keeping the entire appearance focused on you! No matter how you add grey into your maternity photo shoot outfit, you’re sure to shine!






Looking for a touch of color that will make your pictures pop without drawing the attention away from you as a whole? Depending on your natural skin tone, shades of coral and orange can provide a welcoming burst of energy to your images, for a fun, fall-inspired shoot. Paired with jeggings and some neutral boots or flats, all eyes will instantly be drawn to your bump when rocking a cozy, chic look like our orange lace belted maternity tunic as seen on Arielle Elise!

Whether going for year-round staples like our grey cardigans, feeling like a vixen in  our burgundy numbers, or wanting a pop of color with our coral/neutral frocks, styling your fall maternity photo shoot outfit around these earth-tone shades can ensure you look and feel beautiful on your special day!

For these and other outfits, visit our website at PinkBlushMaternity.com

Versatile Everyday Maternity Wear

When it comes to pregnancy, having comfortable, affordable and chic clothing is key. All expectant mothers deserve to look and feel their best during such a beautiful period of life, and in order to do so, versatile clothes are required. Whether running errands, taking older children for a stroll, or simply taking it easy at home, maternity clothes should be equally fun as functional. Here are four easy-to-grab maternity styles that are perfectly functional this fall:

15238429919_df4f812011_b15238500138_0fdb06d880_zpink blush maternity15402042266_f0be59bb86_z15402043216_80d807ec08_z15424753412_5679f04058_z15402045396_de7f2cbf6a_z15402044846_26c2fc4488_z15425097595_f753406748_z

3/4th sleeved wide striped tops and tunics are perfect wardrobe staples this season. Not only do they flatter a variety of body shapes, but they’re extremely versatile due to how easily they pair with just about anything in your closet. This black charcoal striped dress for example, pairs excellent with our grey fleece-lined maternity leggings, but also goes well when matched with black maternity pants or leggings. Add a red or burgundy scarf, or perhaps a black blazer and you can easily switch up this look from grocery-store chic to date night ready apparel. Since all of our striped tanks, tops and tunics are made with care, you can rest assured that these tops are perfect for staying comfortable throughout your day, even if you have baby-to-be’s two older siblings surrounding you that need taking care of. By finding a length that works for you, this style can be your fall-wardrobe essential all season long.



Whether cleaning, relaxing, or playing with little ones, your home apparel should be the most comfortable. Tunics, like this navy blue and beige polka dot number, are a great way to look fashionable while feeling lounge-friendly. With this tunic made from 75% cotton, when paired with our fleece-lined leggings or a comfy pair of blue jeans, this look can be worn just about anywhere, but that doesn’t mean it won’t make your almost-daily outfit rotation at home.


Tribal prints are a huge trend this season, but expect this fall-staple to still be in style come spring! Tribal is a fun way to add some pop of color to your wardrobe, without requiring much effort. Perfect for those days when you want to throw something on, options like this burgundy tribal print sash tie top are a great way to look stylish, even when taking the kids for a walk! The added sash below the bust, is great for showing off your figure, and looking extra feminine.



Bohemian shirts are another style this fall that are selling quickly – and for good reason! Tops like our ivory and navy blue bohemian are extremely comfortable, and due to having a little extra fabric, they’re perfect for days when you just want to lounge. Whether reading books to the kids at home, or going in for a day at the office, bohemian shirts are great for looking put-together without much effort at all. Look for this style especially, with fun little accents, such as beads, or embroidery, to give your top a little kick.


For these and additional fall must-have wardrobe staples, check out www.PinkBlushMaternity.com!

Huge thank you to lifestyle blogger, Shelby of BrandonandShelby.com for rocking our fall fashion styles during her pregnancy.


What To Wear To Your Maternity Photo Shoot

maternity photo shoot outfits

When it comes to maternity photo shoots, many mothers-to-be focus on finding the right location and photographer; but an equally important factor that should be given special consideration is what you’ll be wearing for the memorable event. Choosing an outfit or two that makes you feel comfortable and confident is essential in preparing for your maternity photo shoot, as the most stunning images radiate from an expectant mother who feels beautiful from the inside out. While there may be a gorgeous location captured on the best camera available, maternity photos will always look their best when the mother-to-be feels at-peace and assured with herself. In order to decide which outfits will work best for your maternity photo shoot, take these following tips into consideration:

Time/Comfort: Since the main reason you’ll be taking maternity pictures is to showcase your ‘bump,’ it’s important to plan your outfits based on how far along you are. Most photographers suggest taking pictures around the 30 week mark, as that’s typically the time when your belly will ‘pop’ and become more evenly round, yet also before it becomes too heavy. Since every pregnancy and pregnant belly is different, it’s important to use your body as a guide for when you not only want your belly to look its best, but also when you’ll have the energy to hold different positions for lengths of time as well. If you’ll be taking maternity pictures around 27-30 weeks, form-fitting clothes can be a great bet, as they will hug your curves and showcase your growing belly from all angles. Having a tight tunic or long shirt, either alone or when paired with a cardigan like the outfit featured above can be a great way to stay covered and hide any curves you don’t want featured, while keeping the focus on your bump.

cute maternity clothes
Photo shoots taken around 30-34 weeks can enjoy tight clothes as well, similar to the 3/4ths sleeve chevron blouse featured above but can also greatly take advantage of looser fitting clothing as well. While oversized tunics or A-line silhouettes could ‘hide’ the belly in earlier shoots, this is an ideal time to showcase your pregnancy, while keeping the focus on you as a whole.

Classic A-line blouses such as the one featured above, along with tunics and maxi dresses with a cinched waist can be a great way to keep the focus on your baby bump in a way that cascades over your curves and can provide the comfort you may desire as you draw further into your pregnancy. cute maternity sweaters Weather: Weather can be a tricky thing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for it. Always pack a few extra looks in case your sunset scenic shots end up becoming a bit chillier than you expected, or a change of blouses if you find yourself sweating on an abnormally warm day. Creating a check list of the different outfits you’d like to wear depending on the weather can help you to add some selection to your shoot, and help you feel in control if temperatures change. cute maternity maxi dresses Style of Shoot: Are you planning on showcasing your pregnancy fully clothed, or do you want some images with a bare baby bump exposed? Asking yourself these and other questions can help you decide the overall style of your maternity photo shoot and what pieces of clothing will work best for your session. While maxi dresses like our mocha cowl neck dress featured above are great for showcasing all of your maternity curves, it is not able to lift as easily (or modestly) for a bare baby bump shot. Keeping in mind what types of images you’d like to have as keepsakes of this time of your life can help you decide what to wear, as well as how many looks to wear. By considering all aspects of your maternity photo shoot, you can best plan on how to dress and what to pack just in case. For a full list of maternity options that are great for all mother-to-be photo shoots, visit the ‘look’ section of our website here.


How To: Finding Your Perfect Skirt Length

While we’re not quite to shorts and t-shirt weather just yet, it’s exciting to see temperatures warming up and the prospect of not having to wear jeans and jackets all the time! Especially when dealing with swelling and weight gain (Gasp!) can cause pants to fit snugger in the legs and buttocks. But never fear, with the warm weather comes a whole new category of clothes to enjoy.

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Spring 2014 Preview

The upcoming spring season is all about pastels, florals, and fresh pieces for your wardrobe. Mix those in with lighter layering styles and you’ll be all set to transition from winter to the warmer weather.

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