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Simple Ways to Make Mornings Easier

Mornings are hard enough as it is and Monday mornings? Forget about it. If you tell us you have a way to shorten our getting ready time to only fifteen minutes we’ll try anything. As long as it keeps us in bed a little longer.

One tip that is tried and true is putting your outfit together the night before. Instead of dragging everything out of your closet and turning your room into a tornado’s destruction path, carefully lay out your picks before you go to bed. We can’t even begin to describe how much this helps. It may take some getting used to but this is the number one time saver. When you get this down, everything else is easy. A maternity jean and maternity top are the perfect go to look for an everyday casual look while maternity pants and a maternity blouse are great for a day at work. Dress up any of these looks with a statement necklace and that’s all it takes. Don’t forget your maternity cardigan for your chilly office.



Take your shower the night before. Seriously the best idea and if you put your wet hair in braids, curlers or a ballerina bun, you wake up with your hair already done! It’s a win win. When you wake up, all you have to do is a couple touch-ups if that’s even necessary, put in some texturing spray, and you are set.

For everyday makeup, all you really need is a bit of power, mascara, and lipstick/gloss. Control your shine throughout the day with blotting wipes or a travel powder compact. For the midday boot, a retouch on your lips will do the trick. It’s amazing what a bold lip color will do. You can go from day to night so easily.


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Nursing In Style

Congratulations! You are now a proud mother of the cutest baby on earth! Now, he or she is crying and hungry. You need something that you can wear that will pull down in no time, making the nursing time a little easier for you and your baby. Despite what some may say, cute nursing clothes do exist.  From nursing tops to nursing dresses, PinkBlush can offer the stylish new mother something to look amazing in.

Nursing dresses are perfect for any occasion and can be simply dressed up in seconds for a dressier event. For every day, a casual nursing dress gives you a laid back, comfortable piece to relax in.





A little more structured, a maternity jean and nursing top is still perfect for after your baby is born. The elastic waistband will keep you comfortable while the draped v-neckline makes the nursing time simple.


Even a strapless maternity dress or maternity top can be great for this time because all you have to do is slightly pull down the elastic top.


Show us your after-baby nursing style #prettyinpinkblush !

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A Day At The Park

Summer vacation from school is approaching and one unplugged way to have fun with your kids is a family trip to the local park. A little fresh air and adventure will do the whole family good and with this beautiful weather we are having, why not take advantage of it? Make an entire day of it by packing a picnic basket full of your favorite snacks and sandwiches.

We love how Lisa from Beautiful Ordinary Days styled her casual maternity wear for a nice day out in the sun with her family.

A basic maternity jean and maternity top is just right so you can be comfortable all day long. There’s nothing worse than a hot and heavy jean sticking to you on a hot summer day or a thick top, making it impossible to escape the sun’s rays.

You can’t go wrong with a 3/4 sleeve maternity top this transition season but as the months go on and the season changes to summer, the best way to beat the heat is with a layering combination of a maternity tank top and maternity cardigan. That way, you can keep cool during the peak of the day and as the sun sets of breeze gets cooler, a light cardigan can give you cover.





What are your plans for the summer and how will you style your bump in this warm weather? Show us by tagging #prettyinpinkblush :)

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Find Your Pregnancy Style

We all have a unique style when it comes to fashion and at PinkBlush, we love and celebrate them all. There is a wide range of personality from boho chic and vintage, to modern and edgy. Whatever your style, it may seem hard to find maternity clothes that reflect your look when you become pregnant. We think that the you don’t have to give up your individuality when you become pregnant, and instead, should embrace this time to try new styles and branch out while still piecing together some of your own personal flair along with in.

Most importantly, comfort is always in style so when deciding what to wear, remember that before anything. Luckily, we have you covered there. From maternity jeans and maternity blouses to maternity dresses, each piece is designed with your growing bump in mind, making flexible material and lightweight fabric the main components to make sure you stay cool, comfortable, and chic at every stage of your pregnancy and straight into motherhood. The transition between your trimesters will be effortlessly stylish thanks to the variety of styles.


A little boho chic style perfected with a layered maternity tank top, crochet detailing, and a basic maternity jean and booties. We love how carefree and laid back these looks are for a casual day out. This characteristically loose fit style will give you a comfortable ensemble that you can wear everyday.


Go edgy with a dark lip, bold print, and statement necklace. This maternity maxi dress is perfect with its pink and black color combination. A perfect look for day or night.


A bit more sophisticated and simple for the modern mother. A neutral strapless maternity maxi dress and versatile statement necklace gives this a feminine look we love! This is perfect for any occasion as it can be dressed up or down, not to mention comfortable and flattering with an elastic bust and cinched style.


Or you can opt for a timeless print such as polka or stripes for a vintage flair. With a gorgeous lace detailing, you know you have the perfect accent to bring to your wardrobe. You also can’t go wrong with a bold red lip.

Whatever your style, PinkBlush has exactly what you’re looking for. Day or night, business or casual, a variety of styles in your wardrobe will give you the opportunity to mix and match trends you may not have wanted to try before you were pregnant.

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Backyard Barbeque

With the arrival of summer, we know it’s time to dust off the BBQ. Almost every weekend is filled with family, good friends, and good food. While you celebrate the warm season, know that comfortable, stylish maternity clothes are not as hard to find as you think. Adjust your summer wardrobe with a few maternity essentials that will have you feeling amazing all day long.

We all know comfort is the most important thing when looking for maternity clothes. Especially during this hot summer, we want something breezy, laidback, and stylish so we can look and feel cool no matter the occasion. Lightweight chiffons and flowy maternity maxi skirts are perfect for outdoor gatherings as they catch the subtle breeze perfectly.

Adding a fun, family game to your BBQ like cornhole or bocce ball can boost the competitive spirit and get everyone involved in friendly competition. Make things interesting by adding a small prize for the winning team. For this, a basic maternity jean and maternity top are perfect to give you that comfortable, casual look, also making it easy to move around so you too can get in on the fun.





As the sun sets, complete your BBQ day with a family movie. A fun way to show your favorite movie this summer while still enjoying the fresh air on a warm summer night is to project the movie onto the wall of your home in the backyard. Bring out some blankets and a warm maternity cardigan as the night cools down.

If you’re like us and all you want to do is relax and enjoy the warm sun, you can always opt for a casual maternity maxi dress which gives you a feminine look, and always comfortable feel. We especially love how convenient a maternity dress is to slip on and off, making the getting ready process quick and simple. A no fuss ensemble for a no fuss, fun day out with the family.




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