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THE Dress

We’ve seen this dress on so many beautiful soon-to-be moms and LOVE how each one looks unique with your individual flair. This is no doubt a PinkBlush favorite and will continue to be our #1 go-to for summer. It’s definitely an essential during those warm months because of its breezy style and oh-so flattering cut! You know you’ll be showing off your growing bump in style when you put on this beautiful maternity dress.

Now, how gorgeous is Kylie from Absolutely Arkansas in the mint green floral chiffon maternity dress?

Showing us how she styles her bump at 22 weeks, Kylie posted these AMAZING photos on her blog, complete with jewelry and the cutest heels. You can easily dress this piece up or down for any event this summer and these photos prove it. Kylie even wore this dress to work! It just shows that when you find that one dress that you feel confident in, you can rock it anywhere and get endless compliments. A piece like this adjusts to your ever changing body during pregnancy so you can look just as beautiful as you feel from week to week. If only it came in every color….




Kylie celebrates the health of her growing boy, Sawyer, at 22 weeks as she goes into the 4th of July holiday week. You can follow her on her blog for more updates on this journey and see how she styles her favorite stylish maternity clothes from PinkBlush.

It’s time to dress your bump in this summer’s HOTTEST maternity dress for only $25 today!

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Maternity Work Wear

For the working mom, stylish maternity clothes that are appropriate for the office can be hard to find. You search for something that is both flattering and comfortable with no luck. Our favorite looks from 9 to 5 are inspired by the modern, stylish mothers who are able to raise a family and look amazing while doing it because we know that is a job in itself. Our favorite pieces include a variety of maternity maxi skirts, maternity dresses, and maternity blouses perfect for a day at work. The best part of this work wear collection is its amazing versatility. Even after hours, you can transition into date night with these gorgeous pieces. If you aren’t on maternity leave quite yet, check out these gorgeous looks to rock in your office with your growing bump from week to week.





We are loving the darker hues as the season transitions into fall. Whether it be solid or printed, these classic styles will fit effortlessly into your business wardrobe. A simple nursing dress is just as gorgeous before and after pregnancy so stock up on our most flattering trends while you have a chance. You can easily dress up any of these pieces with accessories such as jewelry and the right shoe. Comfortable flats or stylish fall ankle boot will tie your entire look together. Show us your office flair by tagging us at #prettyinpinkblush

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Transition Day To Night


Work or play, look stylish around the clock with the help of your favorite, versatile piece. It’s amazing how one single top or maternity dress can be easily transitioned from morning to night with little effort. With so many looks available, you can feel comfortable and confident going into the day knowing you’re ready for anything. Transitioning the perfect look into your night out plans is not as hard as you might think. With a few key changes, you can move into night in only a matter of minutes.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

1.  Switch up the accessories. You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference it makes when you switch from a light colored, playful day purse to your sleek black handbag or clutch. The same goes for shoes! A cute grey or brown ankle boot are perfect for day to day wear and look amazing with just about everything but for night, swap out your favorite booties for a black ankle boot (especially with a black jean) or simple heel to look instantly dress up your look. When night falls, darker accents and a bit of sparkle goes a long way. For jewelry, opt for classic, versatile color combinations with black, gold, or silver. Depending on your outfit, layer bangles and bracelets for the ultimate arm party or statement necklace to draw attention up toward your face. 

2. Swap out your light, casual maternity jeans for a black maternity jean or maternity leggings especially when you’re rocking a gorgeous maternity tunic from morning to night. This will slim your appearance, elongate your legs, and give it a more monochromatic look that screams chic. Plus, who can deny the comfort these maternity leggings give you?

3. Any finishing touches on makeup and hair. You may want to go with more subtle makeup like nudes and pale pinks for everyday wear but when you’re getting ready to go out for the night, switch it up with a bold lip for that extra pop of color. For hair, a bit of dry shampoo and a hair flip will do the trick.

It’s so easy to transition from day to night when you have stylish maternity clothes to choose from. Equip yourself with a maternity jean, maternity leggings, and your favorite maternity top or tunic to have in your arsenal at all times so you too can easily move effortlessly in style from one occasion to the next.

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Kick Up Your Feet

After a long day, it’s nice to come home and relax. Of course we all relax in different ways, whether it be turning on soothing music, taking a nap or bath, or binge watching your new favorite Netflix series. But, what we all have in common is the undeniable desire to immediately take off our day look and slip into some comfortable maternity clothes. An entire day of looking beautifully put together and stylish can get tiring after ten hours, and all we want to do is change into something we can kick back and relax in.

When we feel like dressing down at the end of the day, we don’t have to even think about where we are heading. Straight to the top drawer, incredibly soft fleece lined maternity leggings are calling — no, screaming — our name. It’s laying there waiting to be put on. It doesn’t care if you’re working out, laying on the couch, or taking a nap, as long as it’s able to make you comfortable, it’s happy. Every color for every day, you  can choose to wear them throughout the day or saved for your comfortable night in. Whatever you choose, these leggings have enough casual style to get you through.


What goes perfectly with a maternity legging? Well, everything, but for a nice, calming night in, a soft maternity top, loose or fitted, is ideal. Hot summer nights may need a maternity tank top, but otherwise, you won’t be able to relax without a laid-back, simple no-fuss top. We don’t need zippers, bows, embellishments, or lace. That will only distract and disturb us from reaching our fully relaxed potential.


Whatever you do to relax this week, these comfortable clothes are sure to be your best friend! If only we could wear them to work….

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Three Ways To Wear Your Favorite Piece

You don’t have to fill your closet with typical maternity clothes that you’ll realistically wear for only six months and have to give away. At PinkBlush, we want to make sure you can create your maternity wardrobe with looks that not only fit your growing bump, but also transition effortlessly into motherhood. How great would it be if your cute maternity clothes were more than a six month wear?

With stylish pieces like the printed maternity kimono, maternity maxi dress, and the always comfortable and versatile maternity tank top and leggings combo, you can have a wardrobe filled with looks for every one of life’s occasions. Day to night, wedding to lounging, ultra-soft flattering essentials like these are sure to do the trick. We wanted to see just how versatile this new maternity kimono was and weren’t surprised that it could hold its own for every event. 


A perfectly comfortable day look, turning a basic maternity jean and cami to something so much more to a date night out with a gorgeous deep navy maternity maxi dress — and the looks couldn’t be more unique. Only one playful pop of color and bold print will pull any look together. Plus, it adds a fresh looking layer that will transform any basic while keeping you covered. Too bulky? Throw on a thin belt to cinch up your outfit and show off that bump. We are absolutely in love with how versatile a piece like this is. 

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