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Photography Tips from PinkBlush’s Lifestyle Photographer

In this day in age, people are taking more photos than ever (hey social media!) and when you have a brand new
bundle of pure cuteness, you’re going to want to share photos of them every single second. We want to help you document your baby’s new life in a way that will 1) get you some serious Insta-love and 2) more importantly capture real-life memories that you will have to look back on forever.
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PinkBlush Essentials For The Minimalist Mama

Hey Ladies,

So you are expecting for the first time, and your non-pregnant clothes are not wearing the same. But what do you buy? Never fear, ladies, we have put together the perfect PinkBlush shopping list for the minimalist mama. Our list provides the bare essentials for the first time mama. The clothes we have selected are timeless and will last you during your pregnancy, after, and onto your next. Check out the list below and let us know your favorite pick below. Send us your PinkBlush looks and tag #prettyinpinkblush.

The PinkBlush Team

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Finding Out That You’re Pregnant with Twins – Hayley Garnett’s Birth Story

Hayley Garnett is the fun and fierce mama of three behind the Instagram account: @th3littlestavenger. Hayley has captivating images of her family life, including tons of “ mama-moments-you-never-want-to-forget” with her twin girls, Ruby and Ramona and her son, Archer. Hayley does not only have beautiful images, but her writing for her captions are so raw and real that it really brings to life the reality of motherhood. After visiting her page, it’s easy to want to instantly become BFFs with this lady!
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