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Jump into Active Wear!

Fitness goals are often set at the beginning of the year, to exemplify a fresh start to the new year. Here at PinkBlush, we will support your goals all year long and promise to keep you stylish while doing so! Sometimes us mamas need a little extra motivation to hit the gym (I know I do!), so these active looks have been designed with you, the modern mother in mind.
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Trimester Workouts for a happy and healthy pregnancy brought to you by MostlyAMother and AndFit!

Today we’re sharing with you a series of 3 workout videos brought to you by MostlyAMother @suzannetoth and Andrea Merucci Hsiung @and_fit to keep you in shape during and after your pregnancy. In each video Andrea and Suzanne demonstrate great exercises that are safe to do during each trimester of pregnancy.

When doing any type of physical activity it is important to stay hydrated, not to over exert yourself and to always check with a health care professional before starting any type of exercise program.

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