» PinkBlush 2018 Valentine’s Day Brunch

PinkBlush 2018 Valentine’s Day Brunch

Hey Ladies,

We hope you had the most amazing V-Day filled with love and kisses! This year we threw a little soiree for our local influencers to celebrate love and PinkBlush! We wanted to take the time to tell all of you that we are so thankful for all of the love and support you give us! It is thanks to all of our customers and influencers that we are here today! So from our hearts to yours, we are sending our love and appreciation to all of you. 🙂

As a special sweetener, we have included pictures and details on how to put together the perfect gal pal party. (HINT: It includes MOMosas!) Check out the pics and deets of our party below, and let us know what you did this Valentine’s Day!

Our Bloggers

Say hello to our special bloggers! We had so much fun playing games and chit chatting about Mommyhood and all the joys that come with it. Take a look and some of our favorite dresses and give them a follow!

From left to right: Jenna Cross, Piper de Young, Mirella Manelli, Sam Wodarck, Tara Lynn, Audrey Bellis, Lillian Zepeda, Daisy Grijalva, and Karen Lizzararas

These Mama’s were wearing some of our favorite PinkBlush dresses. They styled their looks to perfection! Check out the links below to shop their dresses.


Jenna: Mauve Striped Velvet Maternity Maxi Dress
Piper: Burgundy Floral Hi-Low Midi Wrap Dress
Mirella: Black Lace Pleated Floral Chiffon Maxi Dress
Sam: Black Lace Mesh Overlay Maxi Dress
Tara: Out of stock. But here’s a great alternative!
Audrey: Also a fan favorite! But here’s another good alternative!
Lillian: Light Pink Floral Hi-Low Plus Wrap Dress
Daisy: Out of stock, but again a great substitute!
Karen: Black Floral Cutout Long Sleeve Dress

The Details

Okay ladies, now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Planning a party is ALL about the details! We put a lot of thought in the special touches we put in our space. From a candy bar to quirky letter boards, we did it all! Check out some of our favorites below!



Maybe the most important part of an event is the flowers. We know that flowers can be expensive, but we are making it easy!

We bought our flowers at a wholesale flower shop, got some floral foam bricks, and used wooden boxes that we had lying around. If you are using a wooden box, make sure to line it with a plastic bag so it doesn’t leak. Start with the fillers like eucalyptus and greenery to create a base. Then add in all the fun stuff! Move things around, try different styles. Either way it will be unique and beautiful!


Let us know your favorite moment from Valentine’s Day and give our beautiful bloggers a follow. We hope you all have a very sweet day! Love you!!

The Pink Blush Team

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