» The PinkBlush Guide To Your Hospital Essentials

The PinkBlush Guide To Your Hospital Essentials

We have partied at your baby shower and graced your maternity photos. Now, take us to the hospital too! At PinkBlush, we have your one-stop shop for all hospital wear essentials. We have curated the perfect list of PinkBlush must-haves that you will need to take to the delivery room. From nursing-friendly clothes, to sleepwear, to delivery robes, it’s all here. Let us know your favorite PinkBlush hospital essentials and tag us at #prettyinpinkblush.

The PinkBlush Team

Delivery Robes

Comfortable and cool, our delivery robes are a great option for delivery. They are also perfect for nursing after your baby is born. Their lightweight material makes it breathable and easy to move. Our many different styles and prints give a fabulous array of options for all Mama’s.

Sleep Dress

It’s important to be comfortable after your baby is born. Our maternity sleep dresses are made and specially tailored for the ultimate relaxation of Mama’s. And we know hospital gowns are not the cutest. With our light and easy fabrics and adorable designs, you can light up your hospital room with a trendy sleep dress.

Nursing Bras

After baby, a regular bra just won’t get the job done. A nursing bra is a must have if you are planning to nurse after birth. Comfy and cute, our nursing bras come in a multitude of styles that are designed for your comfort and accessibility.

Going Home Dress (Nursing Accessible)

Make going home super easy. Opt for a lightweight nursing dress! Our selection of nursing dresses are light, easy, and picture perfect for heading home with baby.

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