» Photography Tips from PinkBlush’s Lifestyle Photographer

Photography Tips from PinkBlush’s Lifestyle Photographer

In this day in age, people are taking more photos than ever (hey social media!) and when you have a brand new
bundle of pure cuteness, you’re going to want to share photos of them every single second. We want to help you document your baby’s new life in a way that will 1) get you some serious Insta-love and 2) more importantly capture real-life memories that you will have to look back on forever.

1. Lighting. We’ve all realized by now that lighting can make or break a selfie. Well the same applies to, well… all photos. Babies in particular though. Natural light, like window light, flattering because it’s soft – just like your baby! Soft light > harsh direct light.
Soft Light

2. Details. Get up close with your babe and get some of their brand new features on camera. Like their eyelashes, ankle rolls, or their teeny tiny fingers. Also things like their hospital blanket, stuffed animals, and binkies are great details to capture. Sure on their own these photos may seem a little “abstract” but when you put them alongside a photo of your angel’s face – it tells a story. Details are what brings us back to moments, and help us to relive them years down the line.

3. Equipment. Don’t worry about having the fanciest equipment. Any device that you have will work just fine. The best camera out there is the one you have on you, the goal is to capture memories. Even if you get shots that you don’t deem post worthy, KEEP them. Do they tell a story? Do they bring you back to that moment? Will you be glad you had this later on? If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, don’t delete.

4. Get candid. Now – as a lifestyle photographer I can tell you this is no easy task. Putting a camera in someone’s face and telling them to act natural – does not make them feel natural. What I mean is don’t wait to take a photo until you’ve brushed your hair, or put on the perfect outfit. Is your baby sleeping on your chest and it’s too cute to miss? Snap away! These moments are the ones you’re going to remember fondly, not when you’re all pretty and posed. Real moments = real memories.

5. Remain in the moment. Take your photo, give it 5 attempts and put the camera/phone away. While you definitely want to document as much as possible, you also want to remain present and actually remember the moment! This is one a lot of people, including myself, struggle with. We want the perfect shot and we know we can get it with enough attempts and tweaks. But that can quickly take us out of the moment. Be happy with whatever you may have gotten in 5 attempts and let that be good enough.
Bonus Tip! Print your images. I realize this isn’t a photography tip necessarily, but please print your photos! Make a photo book online, or have a shoe box full of 4×6 prints. There’s nothing like looking at and holding tangible memories. It becomes a much more meaningful experience when you show a loved ones these great photos in a book or stack of prints, rather than scrolling through your phone or computer.

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