» Mommy Spotlight: Kat Kamalani

Mommy Spotlight: Kat Kamalani

Hey Mamas,

May is a very special month because on one Sunday we celebrate the most influential and important person in our lives. She is our best friend, she always has our back, and she knows us inside and out. No matter if she is an aunt, grandmother, or guardian, she is the mother in our lives.

We really didn’t think one day was enough to celebrate the person who taught us everything. So this month, we will have a spotlight on some of our PinkBlush Mama’s. We will be asking all the questions you want. From funny to fashion, these Mama’s will give you all the details!

For our spotlight, we are featuring Kat Kamalani!
She is going to be a new mommy and is absolutely rocking this pregnancy! We cannot wait to see her beautiful bundle of joy.

Thank you to all the Mama’s out there. We celebrate you!

The PinkBlush Team

Kat Kalamani 2 Kat Kalamani

Hey Mama, what’s your name and where are you from?
A: Hey! My name is Kat Kamalani, I am from SLC,UT.

Are you expecting?
A: We are expecting our first baby girl!

What are you most looking forward to on your first Mother’s Day?
A: I can’t wait to hear the words “Happy Mother’s Day”. Being a mother is such a huge opportunity and blessing I am not taking for granted. A lot of women don’t get this chance, so hearing I am a “mother” is going to be amazing.

How has your style changed during pregnancy?
A: I have loved dressing up my bump! I have been wearing tighter clothes to show off that little girl I’m carrying!

What’s your biggest Mommy fashion tip?
A: Wearing something that fits and is comfortable! No one knows what size you are wearing, so get something that makes you feel good (because we all know for 9 months you don’t feel the best)!

What is your favorite PinkBlush piece and why?
A: Love the maxi maternity dresses! They are so comfy, cute and useful. I can wear them when I nurse and postpartum.

Kat Kalamani 3Kat Kalamani 4

Do you have a must have Pregnancy essential?
A: A good bed and pillow! Sleep is non-existent when pregnant especially in the 3rd trimester. So invest in something that will help you sleep, even if it is a mattress topper.

What are you most looking forward to?
A: I can’t wait to see something that I created with someone I love. A bundle of joy that is so pure and innocent.

What is the best advice your Mother gave you?
A: Enjoy carrying your baby for 9 months, because you are going to blink and they will be grown up. Those 9 months you get to have your baby with you wherever you go.

What is your best advice to all the expecting Mama’s out there?
A: Your body is going to change, you aren’t going to recognize yourself and there are going to be challenging moments. Always remember to love yourself and your body, babies are miracles and your body is a miracle.

Best quote about motherhood, or a quote from yourself about motherhood.
A: I often worry about being a good mom.. then my mother said to me, “if you worry about being a good mother, hunny you are already a good one then” 🙂

What’s your handle?
A: @katkamalani

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