» Mommy Spotlight: Jenna McFarland

Mommy Spotlight: Jenna McFarland

Hey Mamas!

Happy Mother’s Day week!

Today’s spotlight blog, we are featuring Jenna McFarland! Not only does this blonde babe have killer style, she also runs her blog HeyitsJenna.com. There she talks about DIY’s, recipes, and travel. Get to know her this week!

The PinkBlush Team


Hey Mama, what’s your name and where are you from?
A: My name is Jenna, and I live in West Michigan!

How many kids do you have?
A: My husband and I have three girls.

What has been your favorite part about Mother’s Day?
A: I always tell my husband the one thing I want for Mother’s Day is a photo of me with the girls. We take a lot of photos on our front porch, and it’s so fun to see how we all grow and change year after year. But, as you know, taking a photo with 3 little ones all looking at the camera can be tricky!

How has your style changed since pregnancy?
A: I wouldn’t say my style has changed. I’ve always enjoyed dressing up, and still do, and did during my 3 pregnancies. I do spend A LOT more time in sweat pants and basic tees at home though!

What’s your biggest Mommy fashion tip?
A: While looking and feeling good is always important to me, when shopping for clothes, I’ve found myself in dressing rooms pretending to push a stroller. I ask myself, “Do I look ridiculous? Can I rock these shorts and chase kids around?” There’s a happy medium to being stylish but still practical. That’s where I try to be, as a mom!

What is your favorite PinkBlush piece and why?
A: Easy: The wrap dresses. It’s SO hard for me to find maxis that are a good length, and these are perfect for me! I love how many prints they come in, and I am not even the slightest bit embarrassed to say I have that dress in at least 3 prints!

What is your funniest Mom moment?
A: My husband and I were just looking through old videos of the girls the other night, and came across one we could NOT stop laughing at. I was in the bathroom, doing my hair, when I heard yelling coming from the bathroom in the hallway. I walk in, our middle daughter (10ish months at the time) was standing in the corner, looking at her hand. My oldest, who was almost 4 is very concerned and upset. I started recording, “Peyton, what happened?” “UGH! London reached in the toilet and touched my potty!”


Do you have a must have Mom essential?
A: My new mom essential would be a baby carrier or wrap! I absolutely loved baby wearing, and it gives you two free hands to get things done 😉

What is your proudest Mom moment?
A: I think the first time my oldest daughter sat down and read to her little sisters was the absolute best moment for me, so far, as a mother!

What is the best advice your Mother gave you?
A: “If your friends all jump off a bridge, would you?” I think this one is in the mom handbook, and I got it A LOT growing up. Back then, I’d roll my eyes and sarcastically say “yeah!” But now, I look back and I know she was challenging me to be unique, to stand on my own, and to get creative. I can proudly say I walk to the beat of my own drum, now!

What is your best advice to all the Mama’s out there?
A: Time is a thief and comparison is the thief of joy. Babies don’t keep, so snuggle those babies and enjoy them while they are tiny and carefree.

Best quote about motherhood, or a quote from yourself about motherhood.
A: I saw a graphic on Instagram the other day that was SO funny, because it was SO true: ‘Parenting is yelling, ‘You just had a snack!’ over and over again, until you give in and throw them another snack.”

What’s your handle?
A: @heyitsjenna

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