» How-To: Rock Your Maternity Photos

How-To: Rock Your Maternity Photos

Pregnancy is such an incredible, beautiful time for women and comes and goes so quickly. Maternity photo shoots are a great way to document that brief yet wonderful time in your life – and we have some tips for you mommas-to-be to make sure your photos are everything you want to have to look back on.

  1. Do your Homework. Research maternity photos that you like and figure out what it is about them that you like – is it the pose? The Light? The angle? If it’s the pose, screenshot it/them so you can go back to it during the shoot. If it’s the lighting or angle, show your photographer before you start so they can figure out where to place you to give you a similar look.
  2. Schedule your shoot in the evening. Evening light is great because it typically gives warm, soft light that is flattering for everyone! If you can’t do evening time, try for morning before 10am.
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  4. Pick your location and wardrobe based on what you enjoy most. This may depend on where you live and what time of year you’re pregnant in, but figure out where you’re happy place is (beach, forest, city, etc.) and work with your photographer to see what you guys can make happen that resembles that. When you spend the time, effort and money on getting your photos taken, you want them to represent you and what stage you’re at in life at that time, so that you will always have them to look back on.
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  6. Take a look around. Chances are you’re going to want some traditional photos looking and smiling at the camera – but try to limit that and get some more natural looking shots by focusing on the bump and looking in different directions.
  7. Pack a bag. There are a few necessities that we bring on shoots that we can’t live without: a brush, lotion, highlighter and chapstick. Crazy hair and dry skin/lips are a few things that are difficult to edit out. Trust us, your photographer will be grateful! Add a little highlighter to your cheekbones, under your eyebrows and collarbone for an effortless glow.
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