» Style Spotlight: Irene Johnson of @thelondonmom

Style Spotlight: Irene Johnson of @thelondonmom

Meet Irene, a london-raised NYC-living mama of three. This mama’s chic and feminine style is the perfect mix of vintage and girly and we can’t get enough. We had the pleasure of chatting with Irene and talked all things fashion, motherhood and how to love your curves!

Blue Distressed Denim OverallsBlue Distressed Denim Overalls

Blue Distressed Denim Overalls

Describe your style in 3 words:
A: Classic, feminine and simple.

Since becoming a mother, what initially changed most about your style, if anything?
A: Comfort. I could wear virtually anything before but now that I am a mom of three young kids, I have to feel and look comfortable in my outfits.

Would you say your style reflects your personality?
A: I believe it does. I love vintage style and I am a bit of a girly girl who loves the simple things in life and this is how I choose my outfits.

White Lace Mesh Overlay Maxi Dress

White Lace Mesh Overlay Maxi Dress

What inspires your personal style the most?
A: A fusion between the impression I want to leave behind that day and the great women that inspire me. Women like Coco Chanel, Diana Ross, Iman and Sade Adu.

Why do you love PinkBlush?
A: I first came across PinkBlush when researching outfits for pregnant women and I could not move past the page. I was mesmerized by the beautiful, feminine outfits of pregnant women and mothers. I have always believed that the fact that we are pregnant or mothers does not mean we can’t be stylish. PinkBlush outfits are stylish and mommy friendly. That is what I love about them.

If you could only live in one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A: A pink long-sleeved dress. I love dresses. They are classic, feminine and have the simplicity of being a one piece.

Burgundy Colorblock Chenille Knit Long Sleeve Maternity Sweater

Burgundy Colorblock Chenille Knit Long Sleeve Sweater

Do you have any fashion tips for other moms?
A: Find at least one part of your pre-baby body that you like most and always accentuate that part when you dress up. For example, you may not like your arms, but love your shoulders, so opt for styles that show off your shoulders. You can find beautiful clothes that flatter your body while still loving your curves.

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