» Style Spotlight: Olivia

Style Spotlight: Olivia

PinkBlush mamas, meet Olivia of @theomedit! Olivia is one of Vancouver’s Top 30 Mom Bloggers AND our total mom crush for this week’s Style Spotlight! With a monochromatic and minimalistic style, Olivia has been keeping us inspired and on our toes for a while now. We had the chance to sit down with this legendary mom blogger and talk all things life, fashion and motherhood. Keep on reading to learn more about this mom’s style!

Style Spotlight Olivia

Describe your style in 3 words:
A: Classic, minimal, effortless.

Would you say your style reflects your personality?
A: Yes and no! It’s no secret my style lacks colour which is odd because I actually love colour and feel like ‘colourful’ is a perfect word to describe my personality. I’d consider myself a full of life person, rather sarcastic and joking, relatively happy-go-lucky and adventurous — but you definitely wouldn’t get that from peeking into my closet or scrolling through my outfit feed.

Style Spotlight Olivia

How has your style changed since your first pregnancy, if at all?
A: It’s definitely changed — part because my style has changed since actually becoming a mother and also due to the fact that with my first pregnancy, I was really stuck on the idea of keeping everything the same/fighting the inevitable. I learned to find my sense of style that also embraced the new role and streamlined my closet to reflect a capsule wardrobe. I’ve strived to keep to those ideas in this pregnancy — fewer better pieces, what I love (not just what’s considered “maternity”), but also what compliments and comforts my body’s current shape instead of forcing pieces and outfits that just don’t make sense. I feel a lot more put together and representative of myself this pregnancy, so it’s definitely paid off.

What is your go-to outfit?
A: I love the ease of a skinny jean and crisp white shirt. It’s as basic as it gets, so I usually pair it up with some fun or well made shoes and a classic bag (pretty much always crossbody).

Style Spotlight Olivia

What do you love about PinkBlush?
A: I love that PinkBlush poses a stylish maternity destination that’s accessible! As a wardrobe stylist, accessibility in both price and size range is a major area of critic for a lot of women. It’s hard to cover everything of course but PinkBlush has options in maternity, womens and plus size, and the prices are affordable — which is awesome for the average woman, not looking to break the bank on a short term wardrobe or sacrifice style.

What inspires your personal style the most?
A: Travel, my mother’s style when we were growing up, and classics. I’m a big fan of European style and have come to love different textiles from our times living or visiting abroad. My mother always wore black when we were young though and although we would bug her to wear colour, I find myself mimicking that because in turn — I seldom worry about being dirty, looking sloppy and or having to sacrifice being hands on either. And the classics from older styles are definitely favourites within my wardrobe; button downs, structured trousers, turtlenecks, etc. for their recognizable timelessness. They’re easy and speak for themselves without being overly bold.

Style Spotlight Olivia

What are your maternity clothing essentials?
A: Layering tanks (black and white), longline basic tees, and quality maternity denim — because everything can be built and styled around those pieces as you please, catering to the day or occasion or woman you woke up feeling like today.

What is a trend you hope never goes out of style?
A: High-waisted pants. I love them and have begun living in them as a mom. I mean, even mom jeans are having a moment (thankfully!) with their vintage-chic and laid back feel. Then on the flip side, few things come across as easily polished and straightforward as a high-waist trouser or dress pant.

Style Spotlight Olivia

Do you have any fashion tips for other moms?
A: Figure out your signature style, then simplify your wardrobe to reflect mostly that. Since transitioning to capsule wardrobe, I’ve felt like I never wear anything except my favourites — because that’s more or less all that’s left. It leaves more time in the routine, less stress in the day, and just feels overall good to get into outfits you feel comfortable and confident in on the first try.

What is the best advice someone gave you about motherhood?
A: The days are long but the years are short. I think about it all the time. And it couldn’t more true. Remembering that everything good and bad is temporary is usually enough to push through a bad day, or stop and soak up a good one.

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