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Denim for Every Trimester

Ahh yes, it’s the million dollar question.
“When should you start wearing maternity clothing?”

While this decision is officially in your playing field, we understand the hesitation.
Let’s face it, you’re in new territory! When to start wearing maternity clothing is ultimately up to you. You may try and go as long as possible until you can no longer fit in anything, or maybe you’ve been waiting for this moment for years and can’t wait to put on a pair of maternity jeans and rock that bump!

Either way, we think all the clothing you wear throughout your pregnancy should be able to be worn throughout your motherhood journey as well. The more bang for your buck you get in maternity clothes, the more you have to spoil your little one!

Here are our picks for maternity denim that are perfect for every trimester (and postpartum)! Whether you just need a little stretch or a lot of it – we’ve got your perfect pair.

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Blue Side Panel Skinny Jean

Maybe you just need a little stretch to help get you in some jeans, or you’re in those early stages of pregnancy where you can’t tell if it’s a food baby or a real baby. Either way, these jeans are the perfect transition into maternity-friendly clothing. The side panel has enough stretch to accommodate any extra inches while still maintaining the hold of your favorite pair of skinnies.

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Navy Blue Distressed Slit Hem Maternity Jeans

We like to call this the sweet spot. You’re big enough that everyone can clearly see you’re pregnant, and your finally feeling all those little kicks! On the plus side, you still have a good range of mobility. Sure, you may be out of breath getting from the car to the house, and the “oomfs” and “ughhhs” may be getting louder and more often, but you’re still feeling good!

These jeans are comfortable, stretchy, and incredibly slimming with their dark navy wash!

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Blue Distressed Raw Hem Maternity Cropped Jeans

The discomfort is real. Let us be the first to say that boyfriend denim is a dream come true! It’s loose fitting, on trend, and makes wearing denim feel like joggers. We love to see our home-stretch mamas rocking boyfriend denim because we know while they are looking cute and casual – they’re comfortable too! Boyfriend denim gives you a little more wiggle room for that growing bump. They may even be the next best thing (as opposed to no pants, of course).

What trimester are you in? Or, what trimester did you start wearing maternity clothes in? Let us know in the comments below! We can’t wait to see how you style these awesome denim pieces.


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