» He or She? What will it be?

He or She? What will it be?

The big day has come… you’re finding out the gender of your baby! Whether you’re going to have a big party or a small soiree, dressing up for the announcement is part of the fun. We’ve created a go-to list for if you think you’re having a girl, boy, or want to keep it gender neutral!


For our mamas out there who have a gut feeling that they’re having a girl, you will love all the options we offer for looking #prettyinpinkblush. From pinks to lace and florals, you will definitely find something that shows that you’re #teamgirl!

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Shop The Looks:
Light Pink Floral Off Shoulder Sash Tie Maternity Maxi Dress
Light Pink Floral Print Maternity Wrap Dress
Mauve Off Shoulder Wrap Maternity Photoshoot Gown/Dress


On the other hand, if you think you’re having a boy, we have just as many options for you to show off your #teamboy spirit! Blues, scalloped detailing, and lace will leave you wanting more than one dress for your big day.

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Shop The Looks:
Royal Blue Solid Scalloped Hem Maternity Dress
Mint Green Lace Top Pleated Waist Backless Maternity Maxi Dress
Light Blue Off Shoulder Ruffle Trim Maternity Maxi Dress

Gender Neutral

For those who don’t have an idea or are (im)patiently waiting to find out with the rest of their family can go the gender neutral route. We love whites, yellows, and greens to show that you are completely neutral, but still looking fab!

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Shop The Looks:
White Faded Floral Ruffle Crochet Trim Maternity Midi Dress
Yellow Floral Chiffon Lace-Up Halter Maternity Maxi Dress
Ivory Ruffle Off Shoulder Mermaid Maternity Photoshoot Gown/Dress

We hope you got some inspo for your gender reveal party! If you’ve already had yours, comment below if your gender prediction was right!


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